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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 11, 2014
December 11, 2014

How Is Releasing That Report -- With Full Names and Aliases -- Not Tantamount To Treason?

Cool shit in time for Christmas: fast and free shipping on orders of 5 shirts or more. Oh, did I mention the shirts are 50% off?

Talbot Tennis has been one of Georgia's leading tennis court construction and maintenance companies since we built our first courts in 1976. Talbot Tennis has proven expertise with providing our clients innovative solutions for Tennis Court Construction, Reconstruction, Resurfacing, Lighting, Fencing and Court Accessory needs. Talbot Tennis offer their clients turnkey solutions from grading your site to providing you with a complete line of accessories for your newly built court.

One week ago a young man who emigrated from war-torn Bosnia two decades ago in search of a better life, was bludgeoned to death by a group of hammer-wielding teenagers. Think that's an isolated incident? Think again. And if you think that's an isolated incident, THINK AGAIN. The only reason why that poor fuck in the minican didn't face the same ending as the other two is, the intended victim was armed with a handgun. Kind of like this old lady who demonstrates why why revolvers are still in the game. So is there any wonder why support for gun rights is at a 20 year high?

Oh, and Wikiarms stepped up their game AGAIN, and now you can search your local Walmart's ammo inventory! The information is pulled directly from Walmart's website. Typically, Walmart updates Ammo inventory once a day, around midnight. Data will be most accurate around this time. Reliability may depend from store to store.

EASY PEASY: I need someone to show me where some asshole parked his scooter on the sidewalk. Man that pisses me off. Show some respect!

Hey Ernie, how they hanging? One more thing about the van in question... it did not belong to the First Baptist Church in Woodlawn Tennesee. The church sold the van to some farmer and the migrant workers were driving it at the time. It was painted over quickly after this pic was taken. Eric

McDonalds is indeed in Prague, but thanks to previous poster with the link to the series photos, it is across the bridge to the west side of the river. It appears to be taken from the covered entry of the restaurant about where the lady with the black top and bag is walking. Note the bracket above the blue framed Torture museum sign matches the same in at the upper right of your photo. Love yer shit, etc, etc. TJ in Okla

The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch in Berlin, and one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. It is built on the site of a former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel. It was commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace and built by Carl Gotthard Langhans from 1788 to 1791. Atop the gate is the Quadriga, a chariot drawn by four horses. Throughout its existence, the Brandenburg Gate was often a site for major historical events and is today considered a symbol of the tumultuous history of Europe and Germany, but also of European unity and peace.

A LITTLE MORE CHALLENGING: And with such timeless European architecture in mind, can anyone tell me the name of this building with spires on top?

An annual tradition this time of the year, here are Time‘s Top 10 Photos for 2014. Hint: think EBOLA. Also? There are only 13 more shopping days until Christmas and with the holiday shopping season in full swing, someone put together this annual list of gift ideas. Check back for new entries daily.

Hey Ernie, December 1, I dropped my paperwork in the mail, fully expecting the 30-60 day wait for delivery. December 8, THIS showed up at my door via Fed Ex. An armory rebuilt CMP Special; New walnut stock, new Criterion barrel, completely refinished rifle on a Springfield receiver mfg. in 1944. Can't wait to try it out, in fact I'll probably break it out for every WWII movie I ever watch. Timothy

Ernie, that Rite Aid was a tough one. But here it is. If you cross the street in Google Street view towards the store, you can see how the facade changes. Fortunately, I am familiar with the work of the photographer, Don Teller, aka dsteller6, who has hundreds of NIP photos taken around northern LA. This was a favorite model of his (favorite as in he banged her), named Monica Lian Laigo. I went to this site which has lots of pics of her with GeoTags and looked through them till I found her in the same red pumps, and voila! Timothy

FUCK THOSE GEOTAGGED PHOTOS! I'll be sure not to use any of those, that's cheating! VERY DIFFICULT: Where's the thrill in finding where I can partake in these drink specials?

Paintballs might not be as dangerous as bullets, but that doesn't mean a blast from a paintball gun doesn't hurt. When a paintball hits you at hundreds of miles per hour, it can definitely leave a bruise caused by the blunt force trauma to blood vessels under the skin. When these blood vessels break open, blood begins to pour into the surrounding tissue. This blood pools under the skin and initially looks dark purple or deep red. The pain associated with these wounds is caused by the damaged nerves in the area and the pressure of the blood as it pools. This pain can be treated with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, often called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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