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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 16, 2014
December 16, 2014

That's Exactly How I Feel This Time Of The Year.

When it comes to flying with sex toys and other adult entertainment devices, the applicable TSA rules are no different that rules applied to other passenger items. While the TSA has no rules against flying with sex toys in general, there are some sex toys and sex toy accessories which may be restricted because of existing TSA rules on hazardous and prohibited items. There have been a number of cases where TSA representatives exposed passengers to unnecessary embarrassment because the passenger was traveling with a sex toy.

I was going to challenge you to find where this laundromat is, but turns out it's on Le Cap d'Agde and unfortunately Streetview doesn't go that specific location.

"Hey, you don't sweat much for a fat girl." There are some things you're never supposed to say on a date. And as we all know, first dates are very important, because first impressions last forever. And since most dates are basically sentence exchanges as means of negotiating sex, you have to be really careful with the weigh of your words. So, just to make sure, in case you're saying one of these things, maybe you want to get them out of your repertoire.

Thirty years ago, before the first Starbucks latte was served, Starbucks created a special new blend of coffee as a gift for its customers. When Starbucks first introduced Christmas Blend, the company hoped it would develop a small, loyal following. But customers quickly snapped up the coffee just as soon as it arrived, buying it to give as a gift for friends and family or as a special addition to a holiday meal. In the days leading up to Christmas Eve, the stores were selling Christmas Blend just as quickly as it could be scooped and packaged. This holiday, Starbucks' 30 Years Bright tradition continues with a variety of Christmas Blend coffees in half-pound bags for holiday gift-giving.

The Shell gas station is at the corner of Balboa and Van Owen in the San Fernando Valley. If you look a few blocks north on Google maps you can see a plane flying through the satellite view. Jefferson

Finally, going to LA so my wife can be back home pays off. These images were taken at the corner of Vanowen and Balboa near the Van Nuys airport. The Subway and the Gamestop in the background kind of helped. Looks like they painted the place since the pic was taken. Love the site and keep up the good work. DJ

Attention Sig handgun owners: if you remember back in June, I posted a link enabling you to buy this Sig SP2022 (MSRP $585 with night sights) for a paltry $399 shipped. And to put a cherry on top of that deal, if you purchased a new Sig pistol, Sig would send you two extra magazines ($46 each)and a Sig pistol bag. if you recall, I even posted a pic of everything once it came in a couple of weeks later. I bring all of this back up because right now Cabelas is offering ALL FACTORY SIG MAGAZINES for $22.49, with free shipping over $49. So if you want to stock up on some real Sig OEM magazines for short money, that's your chance. Or if you're like me and like to cut right to the bone, pick up two magazines, add two boxes of 12 gauge buckshot and viola! You have a $49.56 order eligible for free shipping! So now I've got a very nice $769 handgun setup ($585 + $46 + $46 + $46 + $46) with 6 magazines for only $444 ($399 + $45) bucks.

Also if you've paid attention, you know I'm a huge fan of old Smith and Wesson revolvers. I've previously told you about my father's Model 64, the really nice Model 36 Chief's Special I picked up from a local plumber, these two old Model 66 that I switched grips on, and of course Lord Humungus. And after dusting these old safe queens off for some cleaning and oiling, it's neat to get a sneak peek behind the scenes at the S&W factory.

Searched for more images and found these. Then looked for Liquor Banks. It's in Van Nuys CA at the corner of Vanowen and Balboa. Barry

So the naked lambo chick pic is taken in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles at the corner of Balboa Blvd & Vanowen. Found through a reverse image search and I noticed a voyeurweb link popped up which gave me 9 pics total. It also had the street names listed at the top and I verified through street view. You can see the Game Stop from the pics in this view. Richard

If you're ever in San Francisco, specifically at the corner of Tehama Street and 9th street, you'll notice that Adas's Market has replaced their sign sometime after 2008.

McDonalds, Burger King, a hardware store, a pet store, I grew up as a jack of all trades. I saw things I'd rather forget there, from thieving employees to shifting definitions of "cleanliness." Everything was done behind a secretive veil that would scare any customer into never trusting the places they shop again. These shocking confessionals from the employees who serve your food, fix your computer, and sell you clothes may make you afraid to ever leave your home again. They're brutally honest, almost to the point where you will regret ever visiting these popular destinations.

Oriflame Cosmetics is a cosmetics group, founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick. The company sells personal care, assessories and nutritional products. The company began operations in 1967 in Sweden and today has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. The company has over 3.5 million marketing associates worldwide with annual sales of €1.5 billion. As of 2007, Oriflame Cosmetics reported an independent sales force of 2,242,500 people.

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