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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 19, 2014
December 19, 2014

Ahh, It's Nice To See The Old Crew Getting Into The Christmas Spirit.

The Starship was a former United Airlines Boeing 720 passenger jet, bought by Bobby Sherman and his manager, Ward Sylvester, and leased to touring musical artists in the mid-1970s. The aircraft was the same type as used by commercial airlines, but its owners allowed it to be specifically modified to suit the whim of their clients. Sherman and Sylvester invested $200,000 to reduce its seating capacity to forty and to install into the main cabin a bar, seats and tables, revolving arm chairs, a 30-foot-long couch running along the right hand side of the plane opposite the bar, a television set and a video cassette player, complete with a well-stocked video library. English rock band Led Zeppelin used the aircraft for their 1973 and 1975 North American concert tours.

Let's not debate the importance of feminism and the benefits it has brought so far in getting us closer to an egalitarian society. I mean, it was pretty stupid not to give women the right to vote in the USA until just approximately 100 years ago. But nowadays feminism is much more required in, let's say… the Middle East or other countries when women are truly denied their privileges. In our country, it's more of a thing for people who like to play the victim.

For the rider who demands the ultimate in comfort and style. Kuryakyn's ISO hand grips offer unrivaled design dampens handlebar vibration while providing a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. Because of the unique removable end caps, these are one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars.

Well, it looks like I'm the only person on the fucking planet who didn't know about 1972's eco-horror flick, Frogs -- which starred a young Sam Elliot, by the way. The responses for that one just fucking poured in. So if there is anything at the end of that rainbow, Netflix has Frogs in their instant queue so I'll be watching it this weekend.

Hey Ernie, the movie those two lovely ladies are about to watch, is the classic horror movie Frogs. Happy holidays to you. Thanks for all you do. NorCal Jeff

It's the MGM home video Frogs. I wasn't able to find a better copy of the dvd jacket, only the one at the bottom of this page on the right hand side. Robert

Ernie, Those chicks are about to watch “Frogs” which is a 1972 horror film. Maybe the fish smell turned them onto it? Merry Christmas, appreciate all of your efforts!

COLLEGES: The DePaul Blue Demons are the intercollegiate athletic teams of DePaul University, located in Chicago, in the U.S. state of Illinois. The Blue Demons participate in NCAA Division I and are a member of the Big East Conference. They were not affiliated with any circuit until it helped establish the Great Midwest Conference in 1991. It subsequently became a charter member of Conference USA from 1995 until its move to the original Big East in 2005. The origin of the Blue Demons nickname dates back to 1907 when the university changed its name from St. Vincent's College to its current form. At the time, the athletic teams had red uniforms with a large "D" on the front. After an announcer referred to the players as the "D-men," the moniker stuck and eventually evolved into Demons.

COLLEGES: The Big Ten Conference, formerly Western Conference and Big Nine Conference, is the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference in the United States. The conference competes in the NCAA's Division I; its football teams compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), formerly known as Division I-A, the highest level of NCAA competition in that sport. The conference includes the flagship public university in each of 11 states stretching from Rutgers University, to Ohio State University, to University of Nebraska–Lincoln, as well as two additional public land grant schools and a private university.

COLLEGES: What college is this? Something State.

Which would you rather get for Christmas? This sweet ass fireplace sweater, or this sweet ass Santa t-shirt?

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