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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 20, 2015 O
January 20, 2015

Someone Needs To Break Their Foot Off In Seth Rogan's Ass.

I'd like to begin this post by stating for the record, Michael Moore is a raging piece of shit. Seriously. And I would have probably called him exactly that on live television, too. One of the worst human beings alive on this fucking planet right now. But I think a little worse is after the entire fucking country rallied around Seth Rogan's raging piece of shit movie -- WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE AND HERE AND HERE -- it's disappointing to learn he isn't anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is. Of course for a real understanding of the True Tragedy Of American Sniper, you have to be a girl who used to date a guy who was in the military.

Added bonus: how to spot someone who is lying about military experience.

The Armenians traces the evolution of Armenia and Armenian collective identity from its beginnings to the Armenian nationalist movement over Gharabagh in 1988. Applying theories of national-identity formation and nationalism, Razmik Panossian analyzes different elements of Armenian identity construction and argues that national identity is modern, predominantly subjective, and based on a political sense of belonging. Yet he also acknowledges the crucial role of history, art, literature, religious practice, and commerce in preserving the national memory and shaping the cultural identity of the Armenian people.

Okay, who the hell makes this bikini? Sun and Queens? No, that doesn't make sense. Sun & Ocean maybe? Makes sense, but doesn't turn up shit in Google. So who the fuck is it?

Hey Ernie, Thanks for the many years of enjoyment. Sorry i have not been able to contribute to LBEH lately, times have been real tight. I saw your posting about .380 ammo and I wanted you to see what my Glock 42 and Kahr P380 eat. It looks gimmicky at first but it's pretty interesting. It penetrates right between a hollow-point and a FMJ round. and leaves a larger permanent wound cavity than a hollow-point. This test here convinced me and also that fact that my Kahr will not eat the critical defense ammo that I thought was so awesome prior to seeing this. Enjoy, Scott

I would throw out one word of caution here; this isn't to sway you one way or the other as far as your choice of ammo goes, but again, just a simple word of caution so you don't fall into the same trap that I did (twice). This October will be my 10th anniversary as a gun owner, and in addition to the free box of hollow points that came with my Glock 30, I also picked up a package of Glaser Safety slugs. I did so not because I had researched them, or had any experience using them, or talked to anyone who had. I bought them because they were Shiny and New; and coming from a background in technology, anything Shiny and New is always better. The salesman talked about over penetration and pre fragmentation and me not knowing any better just thought of Johnny Dangerously and the .88 Magnum that shoots through schools. So I bought em. Even shot my kitchen wall with em, here's the hole on the opposite wall behind my kitchen.

Well after a couple of years, Glaser safety slugs gave way to RBCD ammo which billed itself as, "blended metal technology, ultra high velocity/energy, low recoil, superior stopping power, non-ricochetting!" The premise behind the idea was simple: in mechanics, the kinetic energy of mass m traveling at a speed v is calculated by the formula 1/2m*v^2 (one half the mass times the squared velocity). So by sacrificing a little mass and making the bullet lighter, they could get an increase in velocity and in the end, more kinetic energy. The physics made sense to me, so again, I bought them. It wasn't until a few real world tests that I began to understand what just because something works on paper doesn't mean it will work in the real world. Well a few years later, RBCD ammo gave way to the cool looking RIP ammo -- the Rapid Invasive Projectile -- which they guaranteed would be, "The last round you'll ever need." I'm glad to say that by this time I had wised up a little and didn't bite into the latest trend. Now a few years after RIP ammo and we're looking at Lehigh Defense's new Xtreme Penetrator. The King is dead, long live the King.

And one thing I'd like to point out is during the evolution of trendy new-new-new ammunition, the jacketed hollow point has remained the standard in which other ammunition is judged. Keep in mind,Glaser safety slugs came to market during the 1980's as an option for federal air marshals; the idea being pre-fragmented ammunition would have less of chance in overpenetrating their target and risk puncturing the airplane fuselage. Does it work? Sure, probably. In the post-911 TSA-overreach era, do federal air marshalls continue to use Glasers? Nope, they do not. Instead they use standard jacketed hollow points, just like every other law enforcement officer who depends upon their sidearm every day. And guess what? That's what I carry now, too. Speer Gold Dots are my personal preference, but that's only after asking a few cops what they carried, browsing around the law enforcment forums to read about real world experiences, and making sure all of my handguns would cycle them reliably. But hey, whatever ammunition you can get your hands on that your gun reliably cycles and you have complete confidence in, go with. So I'm not saying these new Lehigh XP bullets aren't everything they bill themselves to be. I'm merely suggesting that one ballistic gelatin test does not a reliable round make, and that perhaps it might behoove you to do some experimenting of your own, or perhaps keep some plain jane jacketed hollow point .380 rounds in the meantime. You know, just in case.

I'm pretty sure her boyfriend's last name is Cooch. Which is kind of exciting since everyone seemed able to find the woman in distress.

This one was pretty easy, first spotted Highway Patrol in the background which told me CA, then behind her is a sign for Arcadia which narrowed it down more. Finally Plummers sign behind her was the final one that was able to get me here. Eric

Good Morning. That woman in distress is on the Foothill FWY in Pasadena. The address of the Plummers office furniture store is 3635 East Colorado Blvd, and she is about 100 yards from it. She is near the Santa Anita Race Track too. I used to drive by there all the time but I never saw a hot naked broad. Keep em coming bro! Eric R

Ha ! Another easy one....on the 210 in Pasadena CA (screenshot attached) Toby

Ernie, The CHP Officer is pulling over on the 210 Freeway just east of Sierra Madre Villa Ave. This is another Southern California Nude in Public pic by DST6, aka Don Teller. The Model's name is Diana Raspova. Keep 'em coming! Tim

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fins which Verizon Wireless store in San Francisco this woman shops at.

At approximately 7:15 a.m. Saturday morning, the Pocatello Police responded an apartment building and found Twain N. Thomas, 54, who had been shot in the upper torso. Thomas was taken to Portneuf Medical Center where he is still recovering from gunshot wounds as of Thursday. According to Pocatello Police, Thomas entered an upstairs apartment with two people in it and threatened the residents with a machete. After leaving that apartment, Thomas then entered another downstairs apartment, also with two people in it, and made similar threats. Unnown to Thomas, the residents of the second apartment were armed. Thomas, who also lived in the apartment complex in the 200 block of Garfield, was shot in the torso by one of the residents living in the downstairs apartment.

Meanwhile, at your local festival: Warsteiner, Coca-Cola, and Belmont-what? BELMONT WHAT?

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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