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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 22, 2015
January 22, 2015

My Bet is, She Looks Like This Every 28 Days or So.

Everyone knows what a Fleshlight is. But did you know if you use one, you're actually banging Eufrat Mai, a hottie from the Czech Republic? Of course, you did. But actually, you're wrong. Her real name is Jana Potysova, and she was born a Commie. Still though, nice box.

Clipped hedges above eye level may be laid out in the form of a labyrinth or garden maze. Few such mazes survived the change of fashion towards more naturalistic plantings in the 18th and 19th centuries, but many were replanted in 20th-century restorations of older gardens. Hedges and pruning can both be used to enhance a garden's privacy, as a buffer to visual pollution and to hide fences. A hedge can be aesthetically pleasing, as in a tapestry hedge, where alternate species are planted at regular intervals to present different colors or textures.

Geez dude, isn't raking the sand kind of a futile task?

I have noticed several websites including blogs, and even Good Morning America talk about using an iPod for your reception dance music. My first reaction to these articles, and the people who think this actually works, can be summed up by a grumpy cat, "No!" Do DJs use iPods? Rarely. Usually they are there just as a backup in case of a malfunction and we need to get a song going quickly. Sometimes DJs use iPhones and iPads as remote controls when they do sound checks or have to leave the booth to emcee in another area of the room. By no means were iPods ever designed to take the place of a DJ or proper DJ equipment. iPods are a tool, not the craftsman.

This happened in my town. The suspect had 98 convictions. He was under a lifetime ban from possessing firearms. He shot one Mountie in the head and the other through the torso. He fled and hid in an abandoned house near a golf course. Where he died, most likely of suicide. In Canada we see so much media from the states that many people assume we can shoot a burglar. It's not true. We don't have the right to defend ourselves or our property unless we can show our lives were in grave danger. I don't remember the last time I saw a handgun that wasn't on a police officer. Funny how this guy with 98 overlapping convictions can get one. Zack

So I'm looking for a new houseplant and aren't sure what I should buy. Can you tell me a little bit about this potted plant here? Is it an aloe vera plant? I only ask because the stems on aloe veras usually rise upwards, not bend over like this one.

With the end of production of the Dodge Town Wagon in 1966 and the Plymouth Suburban station wagon in 1978, only General Motors continued to manufacture a vehicle branded as a "Suburban", and GM was awarded an exclusive trademark on the name in 1988. The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the largest SUVs on the market today. It has outlasted competitive vehicles such as the International Harvester Travelall, Jeep Wagoneer, and the Ford Excursion. The Suburban of today is a full-size SUV with three rows of seating, a full pickup truck frame, and V8 engine. It is one of the few station wagons available with all bench rows. The Suburban is the same height and width as the Chevrolet Tahoe, although the Suburban is 20 inches longer.

Here is the location of the detailing center, on the corner of Hampton Dr and Sunset Ave in Santa Monica, CA. The tent is there if viewed from Hampton Dr. but gone in the Sunset Ave. view. Rick

Hey ernie.... found this while surfing around and recognized it right away... doesn't help with location. .. but sure is hot... thanks for all the great stuff daily.. Brandon

Hmmm, I'm looking to do some intervior decorating. Can anyone identify the artist who painted the painting on the right?

What caliber is best for concealed carry? If I use a 9mm, won't the bullets just bounce off my attacker? If I choose a .45 ACP, is there a chance that I might inadvertently destroy nearby buildings? Which buzzwords do I have to consider? Knockdown power? Stopping Power? Incapacitation? Penetration? Constipation? Turns out, handgun caliber really doesn't matter; it's your accuracy that counts. In fact, mathematically speaking .22LR has the lowest average number of rounds until incapacitation (1.38) while my beloved .45 ACP takes 2.08 to put an attacker down. Translation: shoot something you're comfortable with. But it's worth noting the venerable 12 gauge shotgun is still The Boss, with a 1.22 show average to incapacitate your attacker, with an 86% average one-shot stop.

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