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A Cautionary Tale To Overly Exuberant Patriots Fans.

I remember game 7 of the 2003 ALCS Championship game like it was yesterday. I was back in my condo in Chelmsford. It was the last game a of a very tough series; the Yanks had a 3-2 advantage and only needed one more game to clinch the pennant and advance to the World Series. The starting pitchers for both sides were pretty worn out and following a 9-6 hitfest in Game 6, the Sox evened the series at 3-3. It was the bottom of the 8th inning and an exhausted Pedro Martinez was protecting a 5-2 lead over the boys in pinstripes. And you could tell he was tired; his fastball speed was down, he had less control over his pitches, he was no longer capable of throwing his more exotic stuff... and the Yankee bats were really starting to catch on. First Martinez gave up a double to Yankees all-star Derek Jeter, followed quickly with a single to Bernie Williams.

Quick Hawking My Balls, Bro. Bro, Quit Hawking My Balls.

Making sure your pets are comfortable when the weather gets cold is important. Small dogs, toy dogs, older or sick, and hairless dogs will do better in the cold if you invest in canine clothing. You can choose from jackets, snuggies and sweaters for any size dogs! If you are having a rather wet winter you might want to look at coats with a rainproof layer or an actual raincoat.

So the Jordanian King Cut His Trip Short and Returned to Jordan. Wow..

I guess I'm just not used to seeing a world leader react in such a strong way. In fact, If you cut the head off an American citizen our king barely makes it off the golf course for a five minute press conference, let alone cancel his entire vacation.

Looks Like Your Brother Might Have Some Explaining To Do.

This heavy-duty tape has an amazing number of uses. Until you can get to your mechanic, duct tape makes a strong and dependable temporary fix for broken water hoses on your automobile. But don't wait too long. Duct tape can only withstand temperatures up to 200°F. Also, don't use it to repair a leak in your car's gas line — the gasoline dissolves the adhesive. Don't let a little rip in the cushions for your outdoor furniture bother you. Repair the tear with a closely matched duct tape and it will hold up for several seasons. Before removing broken window glass, crisscross the broken pane with duct tape to hold it all together. This will ensure a shard doesn't fall out and cut you.

So Long, Lieutenant Commander Joseph Langdell, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Joe Langdell was working as a junior accountant in Boston when he got the idea that he should join the Navy and go to sea. It was 1940 and America edged closer every day to joining the war that raged in Europe. After proving his sea legs on the battleship New York, Langdell signed up. His college degree earned him a place in an officers' training program. In March 1941, newly commissioned as an ensign, he reported for his first assignment: The USS Arizona, stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. By the end of the year, the mighty Arizona lay shattered beneath the harbor, sunk by Japanese bombers in the Dec. 7 attack that finally propelled the United States into World War II. Langdell survived the attack at Pearl Harbor, along with 334 other Arizona crewmen, and devoted much of his later years to preserving the memory of a day that changed history. Lieutenant Commander (Retired) Joseph Langdell passed away early Wednesday morning in Yuba City, Calififornia. He was 100, and the oldest living survivor of the Arizona. With his passing, just eight crewmen from the mighty battleship remain.

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So This Question Has Been Picking At my Brain For A While.

Naomi Novik is an American writer best known for her Temeraire fantasy/alternate history series of novels, of which there are currently eight published books. Her first book, His Majesty's Dragon, won the 2007 Compton Crook Award for best novel in the science fiction and fantasy category. She was also nominated for a Hugo Award for best novel in 2007. Novik's second fantasy series, "set in a fantasy world inspired by the Kingdom of Poland", begins with the novel Uprooted, set for publication by Del Rey Books in June 2015.

To Be Fair, That's Around $1,367 of 1978 Dollars Today.

The Cylons of the 2003 miniseries and 2004 Battlestar Galactica series are fundamentally different from the Cylons of the original 1978/1980 series. In the new version, the Cylons were created by humans as cybernetic workers and soldiers. As in the original series, the Cylons destroy almost the entire human civilization, chasing a few ship-borne survivors into deep space. Humans often derisively refer to Cylons as "toasters," due to the resemblance of the Cylon centurions from the first Human/Cylon war (the design of which is based on that of the centurions from the original series) to "walking chrome toasters", as described by Gaius Baltar in the miniseries. And perhaps my lying eyes are deceiving me, but is that a tattoo of a new Cylon Centurion? No really, is that a Cylon?

I Like Mine With Lettuce And Tomato, Heinz 57 And French Fried Potatoes.

Okay, here's a softball for you. When I see the colors red, white and blue, naturally I think of America. And what's more American than a burger, amirite? So if I wanted to take this girl out for a burger, where's a local place we can meet up?

"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Just as some light reflects off of the surface of water, some light will always be reflected at every glass surface. A specular reflection from a smooth glass surface is a mirror-like reflection similar to the image of yourself you see reflected in a store window. The natural reflectivity of glass is dependent on the type of glazing material, the quality of the glass surface, the presence of coatings, and the angle of incidence of the light. The sharper the angle at which the light strikes, however, the more the light is reflected rather than transmitted or absorbed. Even clear glass reflects 50% or more of the sunlight striking it at incident angles greater than about 80°.

I Guess That's A Big FUCK YOU For Kanye West?

M*A*S*H is an American television series that follows a team of doctors and support staff stationed at the "4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" in Uijeongbu, South Korea during the Korean War. The show's title sequence features an instrumental version of "Suicide Is Painless", the theme song from the original film. The television series is the most well known version of the M*A*S*H works, and one of the highest rated shows in U.S. television history. M*A*S*H was the first American network series to use the phrase "son of a bitch" (in the 8th-season episode "Guerilla My Dreams") and there was brief partial nudity in the series, most notably Gary Burghoff's buttocks in "The Sniper" and Hawkeye in one of the "Dear Dad" episodes. A different innovation was the show's producers' not wanting a laugh track, as the network did. They compromised with a "chuckle track", played only occasionally and omitted entirely in the operating room. The DVD releases of the series allow viewers to select an audio version with no laugh track.

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I Wonder if There's A Similar Company In Florida, "Snowbirds With Blinkers"?

I'm sorry but if you're going to have a Langston Hughes poem tattooed on your body, do it right or don't so it at all. It should read, "Nobody loves a genius child. Kill him - and let his soul run wild." Save the politically correct shit for henna.

Did you plan that? Of Course I Did. Been Planning It For Years.

I've been coming here every summer of my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling. I can't take this no more! ... Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn't beat the crap out of him. We wouldn't have blamed her. What he'd done was sneaky, rotten, and low... and cool. Not another one among us would have ever in a million years even for a million dollars have the guts to put the move on the lifeguard. He did. He had kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good. We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, right over at Squints, and smiled. Wendy the lifeguard was played of course, by Marley Shelton, who is aging mery much like a fine wine.

What Do You Say To Lunch At Joel's? I'll Buy, You Fly.

One of my favorite shotguns to shoot is my Beretta 1200FP; it's a semiautomatic from around mid 1980's or so. Having snuck in before the bullshit five round restriction, its longer tube magazine allows for eight shells in a 6+1+1 setup. It's basically a Benelli M1 super 90 with a Beretta logo on it, and the inertia system is the same one that makes the Benellis so well respected. The one down side (?) is it's very light -- 100oz, or about 6.4lbs compared to 145oz/9.0lbs for my Benelli M4 -- so it really lets your shoulder know when you squeeze that trigger. Being some thirty years old, it is as you might imagine, a discontinued model and I fear the day that I ever have to try to get parts. In the mid 1990's, Beretta released an updated model called the Beretta 1201FP, but that was a castrated model thanks to the aforementioned 922r import restrictions.

Actually, That Kind of Sums Up Metric Vs Imperial Quite Nicely.

After its first inception as "Gablinger's Diet Beer," Miller Lite was essentially the first mainstream light beer. It was developed in 1967 by Joseph L. Owades, a biochemist working for New York's Rheingold Brewery. The recipe was given to one of Miller's competing breweries, Chicago's Meister Brau, which came out with the Meister Brau "Lite" brand in the late 1960s. When Meister Brau ran into financial problems and sold its labels to Miller in 1972, the recipe was relaunched three years later as as "Lite Beer from Miller." Miller's approach worked where the two previous light beers had failed, and Miller's early production totals of 12.8 million barrels quickly increased to 24.2 million barrels by 1977 as Miller rose to 2nd place in the American brewing marketplace. In 1992 light beer became the biggest domestic beer in America. Every 12 fluid opunces of Miller Lite contains 3.2 grams of carbohydrates, 96 calories, and 0.9 gram of protein.

It Doesn't Get Much More Gangsta Than That.

Can you follow simple instructions? 1. Avoid red dots. 2. Hit other dots for boosts. 3. Score extra points by moving around a lot. 4. Stay alive. THen you should have no problem playing Sinuous. You really have to start paying attention around the 120 second mark if you have any hope of beating my score of 9,809 points.

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