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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 9, 2015
February 9, 2015

So This Question Has Been Picking At my Brain For A While.

Naomi Novik is an American writer best known for her Temeraire fantasy/alternate history series of novels, of which there are currently eight published books. Her first book, His Majesty's Dragon, won the 2007 Compton Crook Award for best novel in the science fiction and fantasy category. She was also nominated for a Hugo Award for best novel in 2007. Novik's second fantasy series, "set in a fantasy world inspired by the Kingdom of Poland", begins with the novel Uprooted, set for publication by Del Rey Books in June 2015.

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It was about this time last year when I got my grubby little hands on this this old 70 Series Colt 1911, which according to the serial number, was manufactured sometime in March of 1979. It was my first, and so far only, 1911 platform so I'm far from qualified to voice any informed opinion in the never ending 1911 vs Glock fanboy war. In short order, the whole things seems to boil down to form vs functionality. The 1911 fanboys seem to think of using their firearms as a time honored tradition, mixing classic American craftsmanship with generations old predictability. The 1911 they shoot is the same design their grandfather shot, and the same as their grandfather before them. Glocks on th eother hand are no where near as fit and finished, but incorporate the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, including plastic polymers allowing for smaller design and 13 round double stacked magazines (vs the 1911's 7 rounds). Drawing a rough comparison, it's old school American muscle versus the latest BMW M5 series sedan. While the former certainly can draw a crowd and with proper maintenance still be quite a reliable car, it's nowhere near as practical the daily driver as the latter. Add to this, a decent 1911 starts out around $700 and goes up from there, a comparable Glock 21 (remember, with 13 round mags vs 7 rounds) can be had new from $450, or if you're willing to go used, from as little as $360, and I can't understand why anyone would choose to have a 1911 as their only/goto firearm.

As I stated last week, I usually try to keep the photo challenges somewhat "self contained" meaning the photo I highlight contains enough information to ascertain the source. Such was not the case with this MILF, but thought if I used one of the other images, then it wouldn't be that much of a challenge...

Hey Ernie, This one was tricky. Google Image search located the rest of her photo set. My, my, what a frisky girl! reverse cowgirl and bondage! Anyway, the clues were in this photo. The Yellow Pages were from San Diego County, and there was a note pad with a logo next to the condoms. Image search of motel logos brought me to the Clarion Inn. Another image search of Clarion hotel rooms brought me this pic of a room with a matching headboard. The room is at the Clarion Carriage House Inn Del Mar, located at 720 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California. Keep 'em coming, Tim

Hello again, I am sure this milf is at the Clarion Carriage House inn, in Del Mar California. Same bed and wall paper, Here is another clarion room picture, note the same bed spread, pillows, clock, radio. The logo on the phone and the note paper looks like it could be the Clarian logo. As an added bonus, I had nothing else to do, so I found the Vangina van, over in Minneapolis, MN. Rick

Hey dude, while I cant make out the phone book or what looks like show tickets on the nightstand, I did find this series of her with her man. Holy cow, did you see that hairy motherfucker ? He looks like he is third generation walking upright. I knew another guy that was hairy like that but couldnt grow a hair on his head to save his life, talk about irony. Take care. Eric R

I'll be honest, I only expected the city on that once, based upon a reverse telephone number shown on the yellow pages. To nail it down to the hotel? I'm impressed. So here's a straight forward photo challenge for you, no need for using Street View, just simple brand recognition like I first used to do them. Can you tell me what brand of beer she is drinking? If you need a clue, I've included a close up of the beer label below.

Okay, if she charges $2 to put a brown paper bag over head, this girl Crystal must be one ugly bitch. On a related note, is a Big Dog some sex act I don't know about? Or is that referring to those guys with big clam hammers?

As promised, here's a close up of the beer label.

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