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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 12, 2015
February 12, 2015

"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Just as some light reflects off of the surface of water, some light will always be reflected at every glass surface. A specular reflection from a smooth glass surface is a mirror-like reflection similar to the image of yourself you see reflected in a store window. The natural reflectivity of glass is dependent on the type of glazing material, the quality of the glass surface, the presence of coatings, and the angle of incidence of the light. The sharper the angle at which the light strikes, however, the more the light is reflected rather than transmitted or absorbed. Even clear glass reflects 50% or more of the sunlight striking it at incident angles greater than about 80°.

So the first person to beat my Noggins score was Jesse with 44,569, and believe it or not, that score also withstood another dozen or so challenges, right up until Jason's 76,284. And in the ultimate fuck you, Jason reports that was his first and only time playing. So, fuck you, Jason!

Gevalia is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. In North America, the company sells coffee and teas directly to consumers via home delivery. Customers order from a customer service center and a website that was relaunched in August 2009. A wholly owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods Group, Gevalia produces more than 40 different varieties of coffee and tea. The majority of these coffees are Arabica blends, using beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Gevalia Instant Kaffe is composed of up to six different varieties of these Arabica beans, as well as Brazilian beans.

Ernie, the Lady-In-Red is going commando past "Knockout Burger" located on Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad ,CA. John - Melbourne, FL

Hey Ernie, Looking for your mystery burger joint led me to Cindy's Swimwear and next door is Knockout Burgers located at 2971 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008 . Keep them coming! Mark

You'd think a Google Search for "bottles water tosc..." would fill in by auto-complete, but no dice. Hence I have no idea what brand of bottled water this is.

A couple from Washington DC were visiting Texas when they happened to wander into a local firearm store. Seeing a handgun they liked, they purchased it; onyl federal law prevents them from taking posession of said handgun, because they're not Texas residents. They must, by federal law, pay to have the handgun shipped to an FFL in the Washington DC area, and take posession there in their home (state). Due to its oppressive handgun laws, how many FFLs are there in Wasington DC? One. And having a complete monopoly, how much does said FFL charge to transfer a single firearm? $125. And keep in mind how many people will say $10 for a photo id to vote is an infringement on your rights. Anyway, said couple did not take this lying down, and challenged the federal law. Guess what? Federel Judge O'Connor ruled that the ban on interstate handgun sales violated the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause and as a result, the federal ban on interstate handgun sales has just been ruled unconstituional.

Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones, and has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back to Iron Age India. It is often used as a rite of passage, as a test of an individual's strength and courage, or in religion as a test of one's faith. Modern physics has explained the phenomenon, concluding that the amount of time the foot is in contact with the ground is not enough to induce a burn, combined with the fact that embers are not good conductors of heat.

I can tell by the chaise that Ashe Marie is sitting on it's a Flamingo GO Room on Bally's side. I've stayed there a dozen times the last 7yrs and consider it my home base. I have my own Room Tour on You Tube! Tom

Sup bro? That smokin hot babe is staying at the Flamingo at 3555 Las Vegas Blvd. Here is a pic of one of the couches [Deluxe Guest King Room] she was sitting on. She is in a higher room because you cannot see the The Cromwell, formely known as Bill's, formerly known as Barbary Coast. Take Care, Eric R

When shopping for amunition online, remember to take shipping costs into account, since you're more or less paying to send a brick of metal across the country. For example, most of these 54R prices are about the same at $0.21/round, but if you follow the top link it leads you to a coupon code for free shipping -- that saves you upwards of $25 dependins on where int he country you live. And a lot of people who don't shoot don't really see the significance in $0.21 per round, versus $0.26 per round. Well, a single shooter can easily go through 400 rounds in a good day at the range. bring a few friends along and you're burning through 1,200 rounds before you're through; that's a $60 difference.

Aquariums with high oxygen levels may experience a more pronounced discoloration (redness) due to the oxidization of dissolved iron particles. High levels of minerals, such as iron and silicate, not only discolor the water but also provide nutrients that spark aggressive algae growth. Water with high mineral content also has a greater buffering capacity and makes pH adjustments difficult. Chemical filter media such as Poly Filter removes specific pollutants such as iron and silicate and is a good choice. Peat or similar water softening chemical media can be used to help stabilize pH to desired levels. However, if the mineral content of the source water is very high, avoid using pH decreasers to adjust pH.

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