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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 9, 2015
March 9, 2015

Employees Must Wash Hands After Vomiting.

On February 26th, Scottish singer Caitlin McNeil posed a simple question along with a photo of a dress on the social media and asked, "Guys, please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?" Little did she know that this simple query would ignite an Internet firestorm.

Mitch's Surf Shop is the quintessential surf shop, a neighborhood hangout, and a fixture of San Diego surf culture. From humble beginnings supplying shapers with board building materials, the business has expanded to offer everything from clothing and wetsuits to a huge selections of surfboards by San Diego's finest shapers. With two locations, one in La Jolla and one in Solana Beach, Mitch's has established themselves as San Diego's core surf shop.

I love my Saiga-12, and at their price point, they can't be beat. But if you are one of those rare individuals that will not settle for less than the best, then give the Russian Vepr-12. If this is the first you've ever heard of it, the Vepr-12 is the Mercedes-Benz of Russian semiautomatic shotguns and is known as one of the finest IPSC and 3 Gun shotguns availble. They usually sell for about a grand, but right now Classic Firearms is selling them for $799 each, but if you add up to four extra mags to your shotgun order and they'll ship for free.

So I'm off to buy The Boss Lady a new black handbag, any idea what designer I should be looking for?

Hi Ernie. Thats easy, I grew up down there. The hot chick with the short skirt and no underpants is in front of the parking structure near the aquarium and the Queen Mary in Long Beach California. She is at the corner of West Shoreline Drive and Chesnut place. Here is the street view. Go 49ers and Prospector Pete! Eric

Bob Barker wasn't sure if he wanted to be in the movie Happy Gilmore, but when he learned that he was going to win the fight with Adam Sandler, he accepted the role. In the fight between Bob Barker and Happy. Bob genuinely would have won because he has studied Tang Soo Do Karate for decades under Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron Norris. Recently, Happy Gilmore stars Sandler and Barker came back together for a good cause although, their relationship is complicated, so to speak.

Something happens to the average driver around this time of year. The cold weather mixed with bad driving conditions cause people to lose their most basic understanding of common sense. From cars to boats to bicycles, if you can drive it, someone has parked it in a way sure to piss you off.

I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality used in this next photo challenge. I searched high and low for a better quality image but came up empty. None the less, you're looking to identify where a cruise ship port overlooks a Bank of America building. I suspect this will be found by someone who lives in/near the area, or has taken a cruise there, instead of someone's Google-fu.

Hi Ern, Just got finished watching the #43 wind tunnel video. I thought it was interesting that the high rear wing was not set to provide any downforce (notice the smoke stream at about the 3:30 mark - hardly any disturbance at all. If the wing was to produce downforce, the smoke should have been deflected upward. Compare to this video (admittedly old, but still relevant) at around the 2:00 mark notice the extreme turbulence at the rear wing (smoke being deflected upward indicates the presence of downforce). Don¹t know what the #43 test was supposed to show or prove, but it certainly wasn¹t about how much downforce the high rear wing was producing. Regards, Gary

This father of four hasn't heard silence for over ten years. Watch the magical moment when thanks to break through technology he finally experiences it again.

A smirking White House spokesman Josh Earnest couldn't conceal his glee, yesterday, as he reveled in the trick Obama had played on the Second Amendment movement.

Rita Food and Drink Company was incorporated in 2004 as a 100% Foreign owned Company and specializes in the production of canned drinks such as energy erink, corn milk, aloe juice, korean ginseng drink, soya milk, fruit juice, juice, soft drink, coffee, beer. Their Vietnam-Singapore factory procudes approximately 3,000,000 cartons of beverages per year. They have build up a strong research and development team, who is continuously improving their manufacturing process, quality standards of our products. RITA now has become a famous brand in Vietnam and is sold at convenience stores and supermarkets on an international scale.

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