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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 13, 2015
March 13, 2015

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Goodly Grammar.

First there was the guy smacked around after denigrating his mother, now there's this whelp getting put in his place after hitting his girlfriend. Is it me, or is the hood getting more chivalrous these days?

One of the first techniques taught to students attending art school is drawing with charcoal. Charcoal has a unique look and texture when applied to paper that is perfect for allowing a beginning artist to perfect their technique and practice their craft. And while there are many different types of pencils, chalks, and crayons used by artists when sketching charcoal often remains a favorite for many people, due to its versatile nature. If you're just learning how to draw, consider expanding your mediums to include charcoal and explore the many possibilities it presents.

Why is it I never had any hot MILF teachers trying to fuck me when I was in high school? No, all we had was some muscle bound math teacher/wrestling coach fucking a cheerleader during lunch. Some may consider this a win-win for both parties, but the law has quite a different opinion on th ematter. Here are 27 teachers who did a bit more than just just teaching.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada is an area managed by the Bureau of Land Management as part of its National Landscape Conservation System, and protected as a National Conservation Area. The area is visited by over 1 million visitors each year. Red Rock Canyon is located about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, and easily seen from the Las Vegas Strip; State Route 159 is the most direct route to Red Rock Canyon from the Strip, however there are a series of signals and traffic can be slow. So I wonder if that was the route this woman took to her day of sightseeing in the Red Rock? Or maybe she came in a different way, from a different direction?

That was a tough one, I think casino behind the hot naked chick is The Casino Barcelona at Calle Marina, 19-21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain. Looks like she was standing about here, you can see the same paving stones, light posts, drains, boats, and casino with the metal work on the top, even the trees match. Take care Eric R

I did a search for whale shaped sculptures and I found this site which led me to this Barcelona Beach. The whale is the Gehry Whale sculpture above the Hotel Arts. Also, If you are in San Francisco, go to 1544 Grant Ave in San Francisco, there you will find Macchiarini Creative Design. Rick

Wow, I have to admit Rick, you went in an entirely different direction than I did. I called the Internet Police and backtraced the image to this gallery. About halfway down there's some tool riding a bicycle with VIU BICING written on the side. A Google search for that revealed it's a bicycle sharing service located in Barcelon, Spain (aren't they all?) and then once I had the city, a quick search for "casino barcelona" pointed me to the right direction. But I must say, your way was much easier. The consequences will never be the same.

I'm always kind of hesitant to post a photo challenge that's taken over on foreign soil because sometimes I simply don't know what to look for. By that I mean I'm not even sure there are there enough clues to find the location of this photo. I can tell you that The German Savings Banks Finance Group is the most numerous sub-sector with 431 savings banks using the Sparkasse brand. I can tell you there's a place called Vitaminquelle Dzaack but if I ask for directions to the nearest Sparkassen I get a 3.4km drive, not a 500 foot walk. So I dunno.

Fact #0: Counting starts from zero, not one.

Ernie. Here's Divide completed all levels. Demo Dave

Dammit, I hate when you finish a game and there's no benchmark at the end; a score, a time, a number of moves... something!

In autofocus cameras, an invisible infrared laser beam is projected to the subject, which reflects back to the camera and is detected by a sensor in the camera. A computer chip then translates the time it took for the beam to travel to the subject and back into a distance to the subject. Based on this distance, motors on the camera focus the lens to that specific distance. Laser rangefinders use that same principle, minus the camera lenses and motors. Once again, an invisible infrared laser beam from the laser rangefinder hits the target, then reflects back to the rangefinder. A computer chip then translates the time it took for the laser beam to return into a distance and you have a reading in a matter of milliseconds. This technology is also very accurate; you can expect just about any LRF to have an accuracy of plus or minus one yard, and when more accuracy is needed, the most sophisticated LRFs to measure down to mere inches. I only mention this mecause you can pick up a Bushnell Sport 550 Rangefinder in gift box for $98.

Burning Man is held in a dry lake bed in Nevada's high desert. Daytime temperatures can soar over 100° F and the relative humidity is almost non-existent. Alkali dust covers everything that enters the Black Rock Desert and it sucks the moisture out of you in a process similar to mummification. Burning Man's Emergency Services Department reports hundreds of cases of dehydration each year. The official Burning Man survival guide requires 1.5 gallons per person, per day. Granted, this equation factors in a little extra water for things like cooking and washing, but you should probably drink at least a gallon of water each day. Fill a reusable water bottle from the big jug at camp and you'll be adequately prepared for a long expedition to the deep playa.

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