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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 19, 2015
March 19, 2015

Fuck You, And Your Laws. They Don't Apply To Me, Little Man.

If you hadn't seen it already, some douchebag gun control group called States United to Prevent Gun Violence came up with this video where they set up a mock gun store in New York City -- you know, the gun Utopia of the eastern seaboard -- and essentially shamed first time gun buyers who came in looking to make their first purchase. Now set aside the hypocrisy of said video; the salesman is none other than paid actor Ned Luke who is the basis for Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auft V. And to be clear, I'm not pointing the finger of hyprcrocy at the actor -- a paying job is a paying job -- I'm pointing it squarely at the cockfaces at SUPGA. And evidently, so is almost everyone else on social media.

But while we're on the subject, let's not talk about all of those 30 round magazines are in direct violation of the NY SAFE ACT. Furthermore, all of the AR-15 rifles they displayed -- you know, the ones available in all the other 49 states -- also in violation of the NY SAFE, presuming they weren't all registered to Ned Luke who was the individual in direct control of said guns during filming. And let's not talk about how every time Luke placed a handgun into the hands of a NYC patron, he violated the Sullivan Act of 1911 which prohibits anyone in New York State from even touching -- and yes, this includes sales demonstrations -- a handgun unless they have a NYS handgun permit. But much like David Gregory taught us, you can break the law without fear of penalty, just so long as you do it in the name of gun control.

On that note, here's an ammo storage solution I hadn't thought of, a simple wooden wine rack. How resourceful!

Hey Ernie, pretty sure I found your place that does 3 for 1 drinks. Used the cup to narrow it down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, then thought the drink sign said Funky, and lo and behold, Funky 554. The signage lines up so she must be trying to get some beads from someone on an upper floor at Four Points by Sheraton. Mark

Get that 3 for 1 drink at FUNKY 544 on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Keep'm coming. Tim in Okla

In case you were curious, U Bileho Lva is Czech for At The White Lion.

And usually I'm pretty good at figuring out where the words in a tattoo come from -- usually it's a song or poem of some sort. But I can't quite get a handle on this one. From what I can make out... Remember... Save (the?)... Dream ... Do Every(thing?)... Life...

Wearing your wedding ring around the middle finger can look fashionable to some, while for others it may be tied in with an ancient tradition. In some cultures the middle finger is regarded as very sacred, although in others it's just an inconvenient finger to wear a ring. As it happens, there are actually meanings behind the fingers which we use everyday, whether for cleaning, comforting, or showing off our marital status. In some Sephardic Jewish Communities, a wedding ring is worn on the left middle finger as opposed to the fourth finger. This finger is seen as sacred to Jews who tie tefilla every morning in prayer, as the middle finger is used to bind the tefilla.

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