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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 25, 2015
March 25, 2015

You Can Get Yourself Clean, You Can Have A Good Meal, You Can Do Whatever You Feel.

Room Noises is the first full-length album of the band Eisley, and was released on February 8, 2005 on Reprise Records. The album had three singles – "Memories", "Telescope Eyes", and "I Wasn't Prepared". Music videos were made for each single, as well as "Marvelous Things". Room Noises placed at #9 among Paste magazine's top albums of 2005.

A little bit of Dodgeball trivia: When the Average Joes are in the locker room waiting for their teammates before the final match, all the players are wearing pants except Christine Taylor who is wearing shorts. Listening to the DVD commentary you hear that she had pants but refused to wear them because she thought they were too ugly and unflattering. In related news, Chrstine Taylor is her black S&M gear? Hawt.

Okay, here's a photo challenge, but this one doesn't involve boobs. I'm calling upon my fellow firearm enthusiasts to help me figure out what type of handgun suffered this catastrophis failure. At first I thought it might have been some shitty Bryco/Jimenez piece of shit, but the backstrap/beavertail doesn't match up. Any ideas?

And if you loved the movie Super Troopers and have $35,000 burning a hole in your pocket right meow, boy do I have some good news for you.

Ernie, that's the newer Octavius Tower at Caesars and behind that on the other side of Flamingo Rd on that side of the strip is the Bellaggio. I've been around there too many times I guess. Tom

Hi Ernie, I see that you are currently discussing knives. I wanted to show you an awesome knife that the Navy Seals use for survival training. The knife pictured is an ESSE 5 Randall survival knife. I just purchased (in Pic) my second of these. The first was given to me by my Nephew J. ( Team 7 Coronado) He attended Seal Survival school in Alaska 2 years ago and they were given 2 of these knives He in turn gave one to his favorite Uncle :) These things will chop down trees and stay sharp They are guaranteed for life no matter who owns it. Knife and sheath purchased new on eBay from EMGEAR Alpharetta, GA for 150 shipped. Because my nephew gave me the first one I did not want to abuse it, so I bought one to go commando with. These things are very cool. Had to share. Cheers, Randy

Well, that's certainly a more robust glassbreaker than the one that came with my new kershaw: [flash - no flash] But the knife laws are a little fucked up here in Florida: However, if the pocket knife has too many features, it might not be a “common pocket knife.” The case of F.R. vs State in 2012 found that 3 inch pocket knife with serrations, a notch grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism does not count as a “common pocket knife.” If his knife did not have serrations, a notch grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism, it might of been a “common pocket knife.” Translation: my Kershaw definitely would NOT fall under the common pocket knife umbrella, hence my Florida CCW. Should you not have one of those, there are lots of other knives to choose from.

Sure, finding where the News Channel 8 building is located is pretty easy. But can you tell me where the photo of this blue bridge was taken from?

The side view of a muzzle brake. If the rifle were rotated 90 degrees along the axis of the barrel it would look like a cylinder.Muzzle brakes reduce recoil and muzzle climb (allowing quicker and more accurate following shots) at the expense of more noise and blast back to the shooter and bystanders. Muzzle brakes like this are usually found on bigger rifles like the 50 BMG and such. They are less frequently found on a light kicking rifle like a 5.56. Best regards, Lorenzo

That is a JP Enterprises "Recoil Eliminator". VERY effective. All the gamiest gamers use them. For pussies that can't handle .223 or .308 recoil. A. Miller

Here's a challenge, but I'm not sure there's going to be enough information to get an answer. Can you find where this photo was taken? I can tell you that Martin Tours is located in Prague, and that the vehicle in the photo is their Mercedes Benz Sprinter 616. But I can't tell if that's a tour stop and the crowd of people are waiting for the next shuttle? or if that's just a crosswalk and the Martin toue bus is just driving by? I was hoping to get a little information from the sign in the top right corner, but it doesn't clean up that well. Passenger something? Either way, going on tours like that is one of those things that used to be a shit ton of fun when you were a kid, but now that you're an adult, not so much.

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