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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 6, 2015
April 6, 2015

I'm No Expert But I'm Pretty Sure That's Racist.

Avon's hair care products brings the salon experience home at affordable prices. Their products were created to accommodate a diverse consumer base and meet the needs of women of different ages, hair types and ethnicities. They recently introduced game-changing technology in the hair-care sector with the launch of Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, an alternative to pricey salon smoothing treatments. Inspired by the lotus leaf, which maintains its beauty in water and has a natural shield to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, Lotus Shield forms a humidity-resistant barrier on the hair's surface to control frizz, leaving it smooth, sleek and more manageable.

So The Boss Lady has been oncrutches for the past 5 weeks, after she broke her ankle stepping in a pothole. Now her lower back is starting to bother her on one side, since she's shifting all of her weight over to her good leg. So in a genuine act of kindness, I've taken to giving her some lower back massages but I'd really like ot get my hands on a nice rolling back massager to make my job a little easier. I've performed a pretty lengthy Google image search for wooden back massager rollers but still can't find this particular one with four wooden rollers. Who makes that bad boy and where can I buy one?

Here's the start of the 5.56 ammo price slide... you can scoop up 500 rounds of PMC X-Tac 55-gr. FMJ for $158 -- that's $0.31/round for brass cased stuff. Granted, it's a two week backorder, but I presume this is the result of production ramp up to meet the unexpected demand following the ATF's attempt to ban the stuff last month.

In France, we hit the beach right after D-Day and fought through all those fucking hedgerows. We finally broke out into open country. And bypassed all these Kraut divisions. We linked up with the Canadians and British and trapped an entire Kraut Army pulling back to Germany. We fucked them up. With planes and artillery. Dead Krauts and horses and busted up tanks and cars for miles. Miles. Your eyes see it but your head can't make no sense of it. We go in there. And for three whole days we shot wounded horses. All day long. Sun up to sundown. Putting down horses. Hot summer days. Ain't smelled nothing like it. The sound of it. Those fucking horses screaming. Black clouds of flies buzzing. Like being in a giant bee hive.

Hey Ernie. Thats a tough one, the company from Romania "standard snacks srl" went tits up back in 2012 and was reorganized 3 years later. looks like maybe a duty free bag or some off license type place selling liquor and snacks ( two of the 3 food groups ) but I cant place it. props for the challenge. Ray

Hi Ernie. All I could find about that bag is this logo for Standard Snacks Peanuts from Romania started in 1995 and now closed. Rick

Somehow valet parking always makes me feel nervous. So if I wanted to grab some lunch at this outside bistro and I wanted to skip the valet, any idea where I can park?

A land lighthouse is simply a lighthouse constructed to aid navigation over land, rather than water. In such a landscape a high tower with a bright lantern could be visible for many miles. One example of such a structure is Dunston Pillar, an 18th-century tower built to help travellers crossing the heathland of mid-Lincolnshire and to lessen the danger to them from highwaymen. Historically, they were constructed in areas of flatland where the featureless landscape and prevailing weather conditions, might cause travellers to become easily disorientated and lost. Due to general improvements in transport and navigation throughout the 19th century, land lighthouses became almost totally obsolete as aids to travellers in remote places.

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