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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 13, 2015
April 13, 2015

Kudos To Whoever Came Up With That One.

Biting right into a peach is an obvious way to consume the sweet, juicy fruit, but they also may be enjoyed in desserts, atop salads, paired with savory dinner dishes or featured in condiments such as salsas and chutneys. However you prefer to eat the fruit, the key to enjoying it is to choose a quality peach. Look for sweet-smelling and firm but not rock-hard peaches absent of brownish bruises.

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera. One example of forced perspective is a scene in an action/adventure movie in which dinosaurs are threatening the heroes. By placing a miniature model of a dinosaur close to the camera, the dinosaur may be made to look monstrously tall to the viewer, even though it is just closer to the camera.

Matkot is a popular paddle ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to as the country's national sport. It is a non-competitive beach game in which two or more players hit a small rubber squash ball back and forth using wooden paddles; the goal of the game is to hit the ball as many times as possible without dropping it. The racquets are traditionally made of wood, although sometimes the handles are reinforced with a plastic covering. The head of a racquet may vary somewhat in size and shape, but are most commonly circular and about 12 inches in diameter. The racquet handles are short, and with very little trunk between the handle and the racquet head.

Koala fight. It starts soooo s l o w l y. Then it gets wild. Listen to those koala sounds once the fight begins, imagine hearing that in the woods in the dark of night. Jon

Hi Ernie, As a low-voltage contractor we see many strange things in stranger places than this. My guess would be that at some time, someone used this room as an office. Cheers Friend. Randy

You can tell a lot about a person based upon what they have in their movie collection. Here I see... #4 = Scooby Doo, #5 = Scary Movie(?), #6 = Scarface, #7 = The Perfect (??), #8 = Pirates of the Carribean -- can you identify any that didn't?

Around the world, competitive volleyball is usually played only by same-sex teams. However, USA Volleyball, which serves as the national governing body for volleyball in the United States, has special rules that allow for mixed-sex, or coed, teams. These rules take into consideration the greater average strength and reach of male players and adapt official guidelines to create optimal play for teams comprised of both males and females. One form of coed volleyball, reverse coed or sometimes shortened to simply RCO, requires specific changes to net height and restrictions on the actions of certain players in order to emphasize the role of female players in the game.

Hi Ernie, I found 2 pics of the location. Barbakan is a restaurant, although it also means castle or fortress. I found it on street view but I cant find an exact address to save my life. It is on Michalska Street, in the Old Town section of Bratslava, Slovakia. Thanks Dan

Ernie, the building is on Michalska St., Bratislava, Slovakia. With the indispensable help of Google translate I found out that you used to be able to do a few different things in the Barbikan. It was jointly occupied by Avina persian carpet store, St. Michael's wine shop, and World Marzipan (a confectionery shop). It appears to be a vacant building now thanks to an ownership dispute, with the Samuela Spitzera Gallery coming in September. Regards, John

The location is on Michalska in Braislava, Slovakia, Here is a link to some information about the building. I have no idea what is there, It might have been a hotel with retail below, could be a wine shop? it looks like the information in the windows are ads for other locations and events.The one banner reads Gallery Samuel Spitzer since September! so it could be used as an art gallery? Rick

While I enjoy shooting all of my guns, cleaning them afterwards can be kind of a love-hate relationship. I love cleaning the first two or perhaps three, but beyond that it's kind of like what the fuck. One of the worst offenders of the bunch is also my favorite to shoot -- my Mosins and their corrosive Soviet army surplus ammo. Corrosive ammunition contains primers that include a corrosive salt. This salt sticks tothe inside of the barrel and attracts moisture. As one might imagine, moisture in the barrel of a gun is a Very Bad Thing. So cleaning your firearm immediately after firing corrosive ammo -- and I mean within he first 12 hours -- is non negotiable. I used to run patch after patch after patch through the long 30" barrels until I discoverd the glory goodnss that is the bore snake. It's pretty much a long sord with a weight on one and and brass bristles on the other; drop the weight through the barrel to the other end, and pull the brstles through. Do this several time and viola, a 30 minuite cleaning job gets cut down to 3 or 4 minutes. There are several other calibers to choose from: .308, .38/.357, 12ga to name a few, but you may have to scroll a little bit.

Hey Ernie, I re-read your photo challenge, and in it you were asking about what the Barbakan was, here is an article about it. If you zoom in to the lower paragraphs of the brown signs on Street View, you can see, in English, that it is a rug store, a wine store and a confectionery store. The building is part of Michaels Gate, fortifications buit in the 1300's. It now makes up the area of Old Town Bratislava. Tim

Hey, Ernie. The naked Chick is in Bratislava, Slovakia (Hometown of Georg and Yortuk Festrunk, two wild and crazy guys!) You can see more of her here. I have noticed my ability to find locations is directly proportionate to the amount of nudity displayed. I was able to track down the girl flashing her tits in front of Cintamani store to Iceland, and find her Twitter account, but soon lost interest. I do however, support her campaign to "Free the Nipple". Keep 'em coming. Tim

Here's a great gallery of brunette model Carol Lisherness in tons of hot outfits from bikinis to a sexy bunny outfit. She has a beautiful face along with lovely curves so be sure to check out the entire gallery. You're welcome.

The Navy doesn't have an official motto like the Marine Corps does, but Navy Secretary Ray Mabus likes to use an unofficial one — Semper Fortis. Which as any self respecting guy knows, is the US Marine Corps motto meaning 'always faithful.' "It's been there as long as the Marines have had ‘Semper Fi,'" Mabus said in a recent interview. “Semper Fortis is to the Navy what Semper Fi is to the Marine Corps.” Semper Fortis translates to English a few ways, including “always strong” or “always courageous,” according to Latin dictionaries. The Secrerary of the Navy often incorporates Semper Fortis into his speeches and all-hands calls.

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