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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 14, 2015
April 14, 2015

Just Once I'd Like To See Someone On Crutches Use These.

The Roku Streaming Player is a series of set-top boxes manufactured by Roku, Inc. Roku partners provide over-the-top content in the form of channels. A Roku streaming device gets data (the video stream) via a wired or Wi-Fi connection to an Internet router. The data is output via an audio cable, video cable or both signals over an HDMI cable. The device can be connected to any television set with appropriate input connections. In 2011 Roku updated its product lineup with three new boxes, each in the same price range as before. However, the Ethernet connection and remote with motion control for games are available only on the XS model. The Netflix application was revamped for the Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD and Roku 2 X, and now provide the option of subtitles, when the program provides them.

Made in 2009 by Vin Diesel, this 18-minute video ties all the movies together, and is essential viewing for fans. It shows Dom and Letty rekindling their romance prior to getting married, as well as showing how Dom knows Han.

Well, boating season is upon us, so before you people start posting your bost selfies on Facebook, take a minute to think about boating safety. Because water sports and boating are fun and enjoyable, people often don't think about the risks involved, and as a result, don't follow basic and necessary safety measures. If you should decide to go in to the water; then be sure to wear flip flops, so that shells or whatever will not cut your feet. Plus, be very careful where that you walk, and watch out for sink holes. You should always carry lots of drinking water and food with you while boating. Let someone know where you plan to go and your expected time of return.

Okay technophiles, which model Samsung tablet is this? The placement of the camera should point you in the right direction.

Finished the Maze Evolution game. I think I need a bigger mouse pad. Don't expect fireworks or a top score comparison; the game just stops when you hit the last finish box. (pic attached) Dan

Hey Ernie, good one on the bathroom bottle pic, We think its this product. Ray and Peanut

If'n ya want to do some shopping at a particular store -- say because you have a coupon that's about to expire, Cabela's and Brownell's are known for mailing those out -- don't forget you can browse by store to narrow down your search.

Okay, which one of you guys can read Spanish? Perhaps I'm just being a lazy son of a bitch, but I can't quite make it out.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu consists of three overlapping trails: Mollepata, Classic, and One Day. Mollepata is the longest of the three routes with the highest mountain pass and intersects with the Classic route before crossing Warmiwañusqa ("dead woman"). Located in the Andes mountain range, the trail passes through several types of Andean environments including cloud forest and alpine tundra. Settlements, tunnels, and many Incan ruins are located along the trail before ending the terminus at the Sun Gate on Machu Picchu mountain. The two longer routes require an ascent to beyond 13,800 ft above sea level, which can result in altitude sickness.

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