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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 15, 2015
April 15, 2015

That's Right, Its's Tax Day, Fuckers.

But at least we've got this going for us.

John Michael Crichton was an American best-selling author, physician, producer, director, and screenwriter, best known for his work in the science fiction, medical fiction, and thriller genres. His books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and his literary works are usually based on the action genre and heavily feature technology. His novels epitomize the techno-thriller genre of literature, often exploring technology and failures of human interaction with it, especially resulting in catastrophes with biotechnology. Can you tell me which Michael Crichton novel she is currently reading?

You can istantly add motion-activated light for security and safety - indoors or out Infrared technology senses both movement and heat for fewer false activations; these wireless LED lights are compact and lightweight lets you install almost anywhere; easy-mounting slot 10 super-bright LED cast pure white light, last for 100,000 hours, sip battery power for months on 3 AA batteries.

And I'm still waiting for someone to identify which model Samsung tablet and then identify some of these movies that I can't quite make out myself.

An eye for an eye comes to mind. Cyndi

There is no fabric that can quite replicate the soft sensation of silk running through your hands, almost like water running through your fingers. Silk has been a coveted commodity for centuries, having first been created in China thousands of years ago. Silk has the benefit of providing a radiant and rich color to a tie, helping you stand out in a crowd. Silk ties can be more difficult to clean though. A bad stain or spill on your tie can mean the end of it. Because of the possibility of doing damage some quickly, most men prefer to use silk ties for formal events rather than wearing it throughout the day.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to stay in bed and think how much you'd want to be sick so you wouldn't have to go to school? All this while you had a school bus or your mum driving you all the way to school. Well, in these pictures right here we have some different stories than yours. That's right bitches, up hill, in the snow, both ways.

A shopping what? A SHOPPING WHAT?!?!

Hi Ernie, I might be wrong here, but I think it means "Live the Life You Love" and I am thinking it is in Italian not Spanish! Could be wrong, blurry pics. Thanks, Dan

In 2002, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio asked writer Mark Waid to reimagine Superman's origin, making the character relevant for the 21st century. After taking the assignment, Waid's goal was to present a definitive volume on Superman's origin that was familiar to longtime fans as well as casual readers who were more familiar with Superman through television and film adaptations than through comics. During the early issues of the series, it was unclear if the story was intended to be the new origin of the mainstream Superman or the beginnings of a new universe, similar to Marvel's Ultimate line. It is explained that Clark Kent respected his alien heritage and designed his Superman costume based on images of Kryptonian culture that were sent along with him in his spacecraft to Earth.

From the Just-because-It's-On-The-Internet-Doesn't-Mean-It's-True Department: The Daily Beast has asked the NRA to quit lying, as Obama not NOT anti-gun. I couldn't even fucking say that with a straight face, let alone hear it.

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite So My Dad Is Visiting Fo...

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Yeah I Gotchu Fam Weeken...

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