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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 17, 2015
April 17, 2015

It's A Shame There's No Call Box For Titsistance.

When it comes to the commissary benefit, one word can make a huge difference. That's why the Defense Commissary Agency has updated its motto to read, "Your Commissary ... It's Worth the Trip!" The agency hopes putting a new twist on its old motto will help commissaries worldwide build an even stronger connection with millions of authorized customers. The subtle change from "The Commissary" to "Your Commissary" is designed to enhance the way commissary customers feel about the value of their benefit with a clear message that confirms their ownership in it.

Jason Statham was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England, the son of Eileen, a dancer, and Barry Statham, a street seller and lounge singer. Statham's life in the media began when he was spotted by the agency Sports Promotions specialising in sports modelling while he was training at London's Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Afterwards, he became a model for the clothing brand French Connection. He made small appearances in a few music videos including "Comin' On Strong" by The Shamen in 1993 -- watch for Statham just after the :30 second mark -- and "Run to the Sun" by Erasure in 1994. While working as a model for French Connection, he was introduced to fledgling British director Guy Ritchie who was developing a film project and needed to fill the role of a street-wise con artist. Statham was offered more film roles, and in 2002 he was cast as the lead role of driver Frank Martin in the action movie The Transporter -- also starring Qi Shu who in the movie, is said to weigh 50 kilos, or about 110 pounds to us 'Muricans -- in which he was responsible for his own stunts.

In pursuit of my Moose Bew glass, a lot of people pointed me to the Alaska Gift Center, but remember, I only had $10 to spend.

You were so close, its Clinique Skin Supplies for Men `M' Shave Aloe Gel. Also, you can order your glass from Ebay and see the rest of her pictures here. Rick

Hi Ernie, Regarding your wish to get a Moose Brew pint glass, but you only have $10. Step 1. Go to this auction on Ebay buy the two pint glasses for $9.99 + $7.05 shipping (Total: $17.04). Step 2. Apply for PayPal Credit & get $15 off your first purchase (Total: $17.04 - $15.00 = $2.04). Step 3. Use the remaining $7.96 from your original $10 & buy a cold six pack of beer. Step 4. Fill the glass with beer & drink, rinse, repeat. Regards, John M

Ernie, Might as well go for a twofer. First, in the movies photo, the one right underneath Pirates of the Caribbean is Bewitched. Second, that was Clinique M Shave aloe shave gel, it's just an older bottle. Eric C

So I was going to sneak out out today and surprise The Boss Lady with a new bottle of perfume. What's this one in the black bottle, it looks nice.

I'm a #4 buck man, myself, but you can score a 10 round box of Defense 00 Shotshells for $3.99 at Cabela's. Using high-quality powder, shot and hulls, these unique loads deliver excellent dependability and performance at an affordable price. At home defense ranges of 3 to 10 yards max, it was consistently under six inch spread; most between 4 and 5 inches. For discount brand, that's pretty good in my book.

Erdinger Dunkel is a rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from Erdinger Weissbräu. It owes its full-bodied flavor to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production. The dark beer specialty is brewed according to an age-old recipe. Its spicy flavor also results from the increased proportion (about 13%) of original wort. Nonetheless, at 5.3%, it doesn't contain much more alcohol than Erdinger Weissbier 'with fine yeast'. Like all Erdinger wheat beers, this dark variety also acquires its typical flavor from maturing in the bottle. Years of brewing experience coupled with state-of-the-art technology guarantee Erdinger Weissbrau Dunkel's excellent quality.

Ernie. I attended the Coverings trade show in Orlando, FL this week. Photography isn't allowed, but I had a press pass. Lots of Italians, Chinese and other nationalities at the show, but somethings must have gotten lost in translation. I explained to this foreign vendor that some in the US may find these tiles, especially installed on a floor, highly offensive. But this was my favorite floor tile of the whole show. Joe

Ernie, Signum Project is a great game. Took an hour or so. My OCD, where I visually "square things up to the world", helped a bunch. Cheers, Terry

Hey Big E, Fun game, level 31 gave me the most trouble but I finished them all, no cheating either. John I

With this image being blurry and out of focus, I'm afraid we'll never know what brand of skin cleanser this is.

Bissell is a privately owned vacuum cleaner and floor care product manufacturing corporation headquartered in Walker, Michigan. The company is the number one manufacturer of floor care products in North America in terms of sales, with 20% marketshare. Whereas other competitors saw sales decline by numerous percentage points during the economic downturn, Bissell's sales remained steady.

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