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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 21, 2015
April 21, 2015

Welcome To 4/21 Or As We Like To Call it, National Urinalysis Day.

Honey is a 2003 dance film featuring music produced by Rodney Jerkins, the film stars Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer, Lil' Romeo, Joy Bryant, David Moscow and features performances by Tweet, Jadakiss and Ginuwine. The film is inspired by the life of choreographer Laurieann Gibson, she also appears in the film as the main character's rival, Katrina, and worked as the film's choreographer. Singer/actress Aaliyah was originally cast as Honey, though the role was later recast to Jessica Alba due to Aaliyah's death in August 2001. Honey was released to mostly negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives film a score of 20% of based on reviews from 112 critics, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 10; it was released on DVD on September 9, 2008, followed by Blu-Ray on February 21, 2012.

I NEED THE ASSISTANCE of an experienced arborist, who will be able to tell me what species of tree has long, narrow, dark green leaves which hang downwards in a vine-like fashion.

William Grant & Sons is an independent, family-owned Scottish company which distills Scotch whisky and other selected categories of spirits. It was established in 1887 by William Grant, and is now run by the descendants of the founder. It is the largest of the handful of Scotch whisky distillers remaining in family ownership. "William Grant & Sons" is often abbreviated to "W. Grant & Sons" or sometimes just "Grant's" after their blended whisky of the same name. The master blender of Grant's is Brian Kinsman, who succeeded David Stewart who had been in his post for 47 years, the longest serving master blender with one distiller in the industry.

Well, now that another 420 is in the books here are: the winners of the 2015 High Times' Cannabis Cup, some 420 inspired art, and for your old, ailing pooch, some canine cannibis.

I NEED THE ASSISTANCE of someone who speaks Italian. If I Google the phrase "ca' tuoro" I get two primary results.... the first is for a bar/night club which has the phrase "Luglio al Bar Ca'tuoro di Biccari" which Google then trsnalates as "July to Ca Tuoro Bar Biccari." So the only words not translated are "ca' tuoro." I get similar results with this pizza shop, which asks patrons to "Chiama Bar ca' tuoro ora!" or "Call Bar ca 'tuoro now!" So what's the deal, is the phrase ca' tuoro slang or what?

Good Morning Ernie. That ass could launch a thousand ships. She is standing in front of the Altes Museum in Berlin. The address is Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, Germany. Keep em coming dude. Eric R

That's Altes Museum (old museum) in Berlin's museum district, right next to the Berliner dome. Anyways, the color of the taxis is a giveaway. She's standing north of the entrance, and you've posted quite a few photos from that area +/- 200 metres before. Guess that only affirms other Europeans prejudice about the Germans; they'll take their clothes off in the strangest places... Cheers, Tore

Hi Ernie, The internet is an amazing thing. I put the image of the cutie with the booty into Google photo search and in a nanosecond we have our answer: The Altes Museum of Berlin. John

Hey Ernie, I recognized that chick from the Photo Challenge of February 4, standing in front of the Berlin Cathedral. [Ernie says: holy shit, you're right!] This time she is standing in front of the Altes Museum in Berlin. I'm not sure why all the taxi's are there, but I'm betting she is there to see this artifact. Keep 'em coming, Tim

THIS YOUNG LADY NEED ASSISSTANCE since her car broke down. I'd like to go pick uper up, so I need to find what call box number is behind her. Can you help me?

New and existing subscribers to the Ammoland Shooting Sports Newswire emails are eligible to win a beautiful Henry Repeating Arms Silverboy Rifle in 22lr.

The Phalaenopsis genus of orchids contains approximately 60 species and numerous cultivars, many of which have been produced artificially under laboratory conditions. Native to southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, the Bismark Archipelago, and Queensland. Phalaenopsis orchids are a highly ornamental, extremely popular and long lasting flowering plant, appearing like a slightly smaller version of the white hybrids that are so easily available today.

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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So Where The Fuck Did EHOWA Go?...

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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