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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 4, 2015
May 4, 2015

I Wonder If Foreskin Provides As Much Protection As Silicone?

To anyone who wasn't able to fly their own personal jet to Las Vegas for he fight, the Mayweather-Pacquiao pay-per-view was a hundred bucks. So it's totally understandable that people didn't want to spend that kind of money on a fight that no expert believed would live up to the hype. That said, there were other ways to watch the fight without spending $100 all by yourself. Understand that over the 12 rounds, Mayweather earned $4,994,681 per minute, with Pacquiao earning a paltry $3,329,787 per minute, earning eash a $180,000,000 and $120,000,000 payouts, respectively. Perhaps now you can understand why some call Mayweather not only the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of this generation, but the greatest businessman, as well. So the true winner in this underwhelming battle? Floyd Mayweather's car salesman.

Modern dropped ceilings were initially created to hide the building infrastructure, including piping, wiring, and/or ductwork, by creating a plenum space above the dropped ceiling, while allowing access for repairs and inspections. Drop ceilings may also be used to hide problems, such as structural damage. Further, drop out ceilings can also conceal the sprinkler systems while still providing full fire suppression functionality. For many years, dropped ceilings were made of basic white tiles, but modern innovations now offer a plethora of options in sizes, colors, materials (including retro designs and faux wood, leather, or metal), visual effects and shapes, patterns, and textures as well as support systems and ways to access the plenum. Custom runs of specialty ceiling tiles can be done at relatively low cost compared with the past.

I have searched and searched the entire Conway bicycle catalog, including the previous models section, and I still can't find this red one with the low slung frame.

Hi Ernie, That is the California Lighthouse on the northern most point of the island of Aruba. My wife and I vacationed there in November of 2013. The buildings in the background are the La Trattoria El Faro Blanco restaurant. It also lies just north of a golf course. This link should give you a panoramic view of the location. Chris

Hi Ernie, My best guess on that lighthouse would be the California Lighthouse in Aruba. The only thing throwing it off is I can't find a picture that includes the tower beside it. The orange tiled roof is the restaurant beside it--el Faro Blanco. It looks like the pic was taken at the northern tip looking back towards the lighthouse. Love the site. Thanks, Mike

It's been almost five years since I did a cost-benefit analysis on solar panels for my house. The break-even point using the proces and technology at the time was a hair over 16 years. I will sheepishly admit I found that a little shocking, considering this is the Sunshine State and all, but numbers don't lie. As of two years ago, those numbers still seemed to be accurate, ad the breakeven point for Florida is again shown to be 16 years. Now there's this new tool ccoming out of Tampa, and if I plug in my numbers -- $1,750/KWh installed, 5Kw installation, federal tax credits only -- it tells me I have a 6 year break even point. I wonder if the new Tesla Powerwall will be able to shorten that even more, or if thr additional cost will extend the break even

Ceiling fans are very popular in American households. They are decorative and they provide enhanced comfort, especially during hot weather. The Gossamer Wind was conceived by Danny Parker at the Florida Solar Energy Center as a means of realizing the energy efficiency and comfort potential of ceiling fans. The Gossamer Wind series ceiling fans can provide significant energy savings. Compared to conventional ceiling fans, they consume approximately half the energy in operation, saving an estimated $20 per year in electricity costs while providing the same or greater air velocities. To date, approximately 2 million Gossamer Wind ceiling fans have been purchased across the country, saving users more than $40 million annually.

Im pretty sure thats the California Lighthouse in Aruba. As far as this challenge, super easy, she's at the MGM as you can clearly see the Excalibur and New York New York in the background at the intercession of of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana. Ryker

Ernie: the Ruger .357/9mm single action revolver comes with two different cylinders, one for each caliber. The 9mm case has no rim, so the chamber in the cylinder is cut so the cartridge case mouth stops at a small circumferential lip or edge, just like in the chamber of an auto pistol. In other words, the cartridge head spaces on the mouth of the case, rather than on the rim, the latter method being used with most revolver cartridges. Ruger revolvers is 30 carbine, 45 auto and 10mm auto (there may be more) also do this. Lon

Okay, here is kind of a softball for anyone who struggled with the lighthouse photo. I'm looking to pick up this poster with the black man in a white circle on the left side.

He named his son after Superman. He once owned a castle, until he had to sell it for the purposes of honoring debt. He may or may not have been alive since at least the Civil War. He's part of one of American cinema's most prolific, lauded families but has downplayed this for some time now. At different points in his career he's been a sex symbol, an Oscar-winner, a vampire, a punchline, a cult hero, a pachinko salesman, a symbol of Hollywood downturn and a consummate leading man. He's Nicolas Cage, and he might be the Internet's favorite actor.

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