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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 11, 2015
May 11, 2015

"To Know, Is To Know That You Know Nothing. That Is The Meaning Of True Knowledge." - Socrates.

At first I was going to have you show me where the Classic Gothic Restauarante is, but you can't do that since these losers on Segways won't get the fuck out of the way. At first I just thought I was having a bad day, but then I found another photo to use ... So instead of that gothic, I want you to find this gothic.

Aéropostale is an American shopping mall-based specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories, principally targeting 14-to-17-year-old young women and men through its Aéropostale stores and 4-to-12-year-old children through its P.S. from Aéropostale stores. Aéropostale maintains control over its proprietary brands by designing, sourcing, marketing and selling all of its own merchandise. The company operates 914 Aéropostale stores in the U.S. -- spanning all 50 states and Puerto Rico -- and about 75 stores in Canada. The first Aéropostale store was opened in 1987 by Macy's in the Westside Pavilion Mall in Los Angeles, California, and the company has adopted Aero 87 as its trademark.

GREAT BALLS OF LIAR! NFL PROBE HAS BRADY BY THE BALLS! BIG NOSE, SMALL BALLS! The absolute best (worst?) of the Tom Brady headline puns right here.

Thats Bernadette from Gatehead U.K. flashing in Newcastle U.K. There are some more pictures of her here and here. She is in Eldon Square at High Friars. Rick

Good news! I've found a couple new sources for Las Vegas hotel photos, so while I sort through them to see which ones I can turn into a challenge, I want you to show me exactly where this photo ofd New York New York was taken from.

What do the Ferrari F40, the Ferrari F50, the Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari LaFerrari have in common? They were all test-driven by the legendary Dario Benuzzi, as has been every other production model Ferrari going back decades to 1969 – but these are a special group, since they're the subject of a new video from the company that puts multiple Benuzzi test runs together into one composite race through the magic of digital effects.

I love my Saiga-12 -- I've nicknamed mine The Kremlin -- and at their price they can't be beat. But if you are one of those rare individuals that will not settle for less than the best, then give the Molot Vepr-12 a try. I'll be honest, if I thought I coudl unload my Saiga for the cost of a Vepr-12, I probably would.

Inside an AC-130W firing the Bofors 40mm autocannon. Greg

And speaking of AC-130, here's Lone Survivor in its entirety on YouTube, with obligatory AC-130 at 21:30.

Well, it's getting about lunch time and a nice seafood platter really sounds quite perfect. Maybe a small green salad with fresh shrimp, a nice piece of baked fish, and some hot french fries? Just look at this presentation! Any idea where I can run out to grab this?

And remember, Black Lives Matter, but only if they're not police.

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Yeah I Gotchu Fam Weeken...

So Where The Fuck Did EHOWA Go?...

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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