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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 14, 2015
May 14, 2015

Well There's a Fucking Hassle I Don't Want or Need.

Well, evidently this is doohickey called an electric trailer brake controller, used when towing a heavy ass trailer such as a camper or horse trailer. Keep in mind, during Big Red's entire 20 year career it has towed: a small boat maybe 2-3 times, a jet-ski maybe 4-5 times, and a small landscaping trailer carrying my quad maybe a dozen times. So while this truck only has 121,000 miles on it, those were some pretty tough miles that it spent pulling its guts out on the highway. So yeah, I think I'll keep looking. Thanks for the clarification, peoples!

Also known as forearm crutches, Lofstrand crutches are a type of crutch that helps those with injuries and disabilities that limit leg mobility to walk. The user of a Lofstrand crutch inserts his forearm into the molded forearm piece and grips a molded hand piece. Because the Lofstrand crutch comes equipped with both a forearm piece and a hand piece, a user can opt to release the hand piece and still maintain balance via the forearm piece. This allows those with Lofstrand crutches to have more upper body mobility than users of underarm crutches. Unlike regular crutches, Lofstrand crutches provide more allowance for weight bearing. This makes it easier for users to maintain balance when not in motion or when using their upper bodies.

Normally I don't use any photos that have had any photoshopping done, but I had to make a small exception for the next challenge. Because I'm all for live music and cold drinks, but holy shit, who would pay $75 use the balcony during Mardi Gras? I'd definitely avoid that bar at all costs, if I knew the name of it.

A new drone camera has been released that allows users to simply throw it in the air and have it follow them around: Lily is the world's first throw-and-shoot camera. It lets anyone create cinematic footage previously reserved for professional filmmakers. Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos. The bad news: they won't be delivered until February 2016.

The ottoman you seek is at the Encore, looking south with a nice view of the Wynn Las Vegas. Barry.

You're looking at the Wynn's Casino. Mr. Plastic face himself claims he designed it. rattlesnake season is in full swing here. caught this very dangerous mohave green last week. there is no anti-toxin for these babies. the one in the rattlesnake bucket is a common coon tail diamond back. their venom only has one toxin unlike the mohave green, which has two toxins. third pic is my catch equipment and my bull mastiff "kilo". .the rattlers are fat this season. ..rain last summer and the past winter have created plenty of food. i'll send some pictures when the rattlers start birthing in august. they are born live and very dangerous.... they don't know how much poison to inject.... so you get the full load. if it should be a mohave green, out here in the mountains you are in serious trouble. hospital in las vegas is 2 hours away. if they have the anti-venom. these ain't no southern baptist kissing snakes. as far as eating them, fried they taste similar . the mohave green has a little more sting to it....heh..heh..heh David

Save shelf space and stop over-pouring shots, all with the help of this 4 bottle liquor dispenser! The sturdy aluminum frame easily rotates a full 360 degrees so all four bottles are within easy reach. A spring-loaded, leak-proof dispenser on each bottle helps you or your bartenders measure a perfect 1.5-ounce shot with just a slight push of your finger. Perfect at home or any bar/restaurant, this liquor dispenser makes pouring perfect shots as simple as pushing a button. What could be easier than that?

Looking for a car gun, bathroom gun, or something to stick out in your garage just in case? Consider picking up a police trade-in. They're just what you're looking for: non safe queens that are used and reliable.

Electronic Document Transfer Hub (EDT) is widely used within the the United Kingdom's National healthcare Service, where it is currently being used implemented in over forty NHS Trusts. EDT captures documents and distributes them electronically to any general practitioner or organisation connected to it. EDT is also deployed throughout the NHS in Scotland EDT Hub comes in two versions, uni-directional and multi-directional. Uni-directional hubs allow one way transfers of documents from a source -- for example, in a hospital -- to an end point which is usually the patient's General Practitioner.

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