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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015

Finally, A Life Hack We Can Actually Use.

Whether you're moving into a dorm room or need a place to store beverages in your basement, a mini refrigerator will help make your space more comfortable. Small refrigerators are the perfect place to store beverages and snacks in rooms where you often hang out. When you send your kids off to college, dorm refrigerators will keep that leftover pizza cold and ready for the next morning.

This photo of one of the Waco bikers on his smartphone kind of made me LOLz, but let's be honest, instead of a Cobb salad he seems more like a guy who'd have three or four of Carl's Jr.'s latest affront to the human body, the Most American Thickburger.

Gambrinus is a beer brewed in the Czech Republic at the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery. It is one of the most popular beers in the Czech Republic, and was founded in 1869. The beer is named after Gambrinus, a legendary king of Flanders known for his mythical brewing abilities. The brand is used by many other breweries in Germany and Denmark and has been used in the United States. In Mendig (Rhineland-Palatinate) the Gambrinusfest beer festival is held every two years. Gambrinus sponsors Gambrinus liga, the premier Czech football league.

Litter starts with the actions of one person tossing out a cigarette butt or soda bottle, driving with unsecured loads in truck beds, or blowing lawn clippings into the street and down the storm drain. People generally litter when they don't feel a sense of ownership of an area, like along roads, in parks, and in abandoned areas. Littered parks can result in nearby property values being lowered by as much as 15% and often lead to more serious crimes as noted in the Fixing Broken Windows Theory. Properly placed, trash cans and recycling containers enhance the beauty of your local parks by providing visitors with a way to dispose of trash and recyclables. Perhaps even more beautiful than two bikini clad Brazilian girls playing Twister.

Hey Ernie, So I took my son and his friends to watch the Avengers last weekend (in 3-D) ... good entertainment although after a couple of hundred robots are destroyed, the carnage got a bit repetitive. Had someone send me this "Ultron Funk" youtube parody - while I'm not usually a fan of music videos, that one is pretty funny ... plus Black Widow is good eye candy! alek P.S. Good analysis on Tom Brady - yea, of course he knew as soon as he picked up the underinflated football.

Hey Ernie, Maybe one of your wonderful site fans can figure out what toothpaste this this and what is in the green bottle. My guess for the toothpaste is Close-Up? Thanks! Mike in Denver

Black Widow's name is Angie Griffin and she ... how you say... not hard on the eyes. But yes, Tom Brady was, is, and always will be a punk. But I've got $50 that says his 4 game suspension gets cut to ... at most... one game. Well, here's a little zoom and enhance on the toothbrush and green bottle in question. Anybody got any idears?

To be recognized as Curious and Relic items, CFR 478.11 specifies that firearms must fall within one of the following categories: Firearms which were manufactured at least 50 years prior to the current date, but not including replicas of such firearms; Firearms which are certified by the curator of a municipal, State, or Federal museum which exhibits firearms to be curios or relics of museum interest; and any other firearms which derive a substantial part of their monetary value from the fact that they are novel, rare, bizarre, or because of their association with some historical figure, period, or event. For 99% of us, the first rule is the one to apply, as any firearm in its original configuration automatically attain C&R status when they turn 50 years old. Curious and Relic firearms include most manually operated and semi-automatic firearms used by a military force prior to 1965; this includes most firearms used by the warring nations in World Wars I and II. Now I know what yu're thinnking.... what about machine guns from those wars? Well those are C&R eligible too, only that start out at $16,500 and work their way up from there.

Haglofs is one of the market leaders in the area of outdoor clothing. For over 100 years their teams have been working on high quality and functional products that are made especially for mountain sports. Swedish made Haglofs backpacks are not only ideal for the next adventure on the mountain, but also for the perfect finishing of your streetwear. Teardrop shaped front and side panels provide a low centre of gravity for greater stability, the Haglofs Tight Pro is a technical and versatile backpack, made to fit tightly to the back and to follow the movements of the body.

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