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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 22, 2015
May 22, 2015

6am Wake Up+ Flu Like Symptoms (Including Body Aches) + 4 Motrin = Grey Goose Screwdriver By 10am.

Airhead and Sportsstuff inflatables and accessories are made of the highest quality materials in the industry. We pride ourselves in building our products with 840 denier nylon covers and 30 gauge PVC bladders, a standard few others can stand behind. If there's a tube shape that can be ridden while towed behind a boat, we make it. If there's a water toy boating enthusiasts are craving, look no further than Sportsstuff!

Huh. If you think you've got what it takes, then identify this red bottle.

Delta Airline's Internetest Safety Video on the Internet takes the form of a traditional airline safety instruction video, but with one key difference: It's populated by an army of famous internet characters and memes, like the “Charlie Bit My Finger” kids and that dancing baby from like 15 years ago.

Finding the Staples Center might be easy, but finding the Hotel Figueror is a different story.

Hi Ernie, Nopem that's not a Catholic saint medal, that looks like your standard run of the mill cameo pendant. Kelly

Hey, Ernie: this is CAMAFEU! Erre from Santos, Brasil [Google Translate: Portugese -> English]

This is my best guess as to where the hottie going to North Carolina is parked. The terrain is different behind both signs in Jackson County though. Cameron

I'm pretty sure that's the correct location as well, Cameron. if you look at this map of Jackson County, there's only that small horizontal section that abuts against the state border, and there's only one major road (Route 107) going in/out. Plus foliage changes with the seasons, the guard rail doesn't. For as far far back as 2008, and due to the poor quality of the original photo, I suspect it was taken well before the DOT implemented the ET-Plus style guardrail terminal to prevent vehicle impalement.

When I post a photo challenge, I generally like to know where I'm at. Is it solveable, is it in the US, is it current, is it old, that sort of shit. But hereth enter this picture. I traced it to link to the entire gallery. But where the fuck it it? Where the fuck is the trail split? Where the fuck is the bridge? The only thing I can tell you for sure is, it's in somewhere in Texas.

Ernie. This is a coat valet viewed from near a right angle and it's not leaning against the window - look at the shadow behind it. Sammie

Hi Ern: Happy Memorial Day! The AK-74 video was great! If you look closely at 0:29 you can see what appears to be the bullet keyholing. Although somewhat blurry, you can see the shock wave cone clearly enlarge and elongate. Regards, Gary

Slo-mo keyholing is super cool. Long bullets, especially ones like in the 5.45x39, yaw after they leave the muzzle. Only after travelling some distance do they "settle down" and fly straight, so it's not unheard of to get elongated keyholes at close range, just so long as they disappear at the longer ranges. If the bullets didn't eventually stabilize, the problem would be worse at longer ranges and accuracy would be terrible and no one would want one. Keyholing can also occur with incompatible twist/velocity; so if you're seeing some keyholding, it may be worthwhile to experiment with a bullet of a different weight; commercially speaking there are 55, 60, and grain bullets available for the 5.45x39. The most common'y available round -- and the round designed for the gun -- is a relatively light 52.9 gr 7N6 round which you can grab up a 1080 round of Russian surplus for $239, which is $0.22/round. So I think it's a mistake for this guy to say "this gun keyholes" without first having experiemnted with different bullet weight and target distances. And a damn fine Memorial Day Weekend to you too, sir. Also, my 500 rounds of .22lr are on the way, w00t!

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