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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 2, 2015
June 2, 2015

if You've Ever Wondered If I'm Capable Of Murder, The Answer Is YES.

There are a lot of unsolved mysteries out there, but the identify of the man who taped Caitlyn's jaw shut is not one of them. This man should be hanged, drawn and quartered, then burned at the stake. Anything less would be uncivilized. And I mean Caitlyn the dog, not Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.

Ike, bless his heart, has ticked past 15 years on the odometer. And as well behaved and low maintenance as he's been throughout his entire life, time is taking its toll on him. One of the more noticable things is he can't hold his bladder as well as he used to, and the occasional accident in the house has become rather routine. At some point, I'm going to have to replace the rugs... any idea where I should look? If you've been paying attention to previous challenges, this one shouldn't be too difficult.

So presuming of course she just used the green tube, what's she got a handful of? And if you get this one, I'll let you swing on over to my new $500 million dollar 74,000 sq/ft home with its own IMAX theater.

Problem: reloading magazines at the range is a gigantic pain in the ass. Solution: bring several magazines preloaded. Problem: carrying several loaded magazines causes them to bang into each other and increases the chance of damage. Solution: the Tactical Mag Can carries 15 fully loaded 30 round AR magazines all in one box.

Toby seems to have identified the origins of the Roman numeral necklace from yesterday as being from Tiffany's Atlas Collection, since 3-6-9-12 (Atlas and the points on a clock) are kind of their thing.

Good Morning. You can get your Shea commemorative pint glass here, in fact, you can get two, so you can toast the new addition to your collection with the hot chick from the picture. Keep up the good work Eric R.

There're some crazy sons of bitches out there, Ernie. patrick

Did you know that Maine is a traditional open carry state, meaning it is perfectly legal and acceptable to carry a firearm openly? However, you may only carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle, openly or concealed, if you have a Maine permit. Although that may be on the cusp of changing too, as Constitutional Carry seems to be making its way through the Maine legislature. This as compared to the concealed carry laws of New Hampshire, which some people suggest have racist origins.

Wow, now this is a distinguished graduate! Can anyone catalog her accomplishments?

Windows do a lot: help establish a home's visual character, let in light and air, and frame views from inside. But if not installed correctly, they can become unwelcome avenues for water. "Rot around windows, even in relatively new houses, is one of the biggest problems I see," says This Old House general contractor Tom Silva. "You can't depend on just the trim and the housewrap to stop water." That's why whenever Tom puts in a window, he makes sure to seal the perimeter of the opening with sticky sheets of self-adhering waterproof membrane, strips of metal flashing, and judicious amounts of caulk. Any rain that gets by one of these layers will be stopped by another. His final step, once the opening is watertight and the window is set plumb and square, is to plug the gap between the window and the framing with foam insulation.

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