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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 14, 2015
July 14, 2015

Just So There Are No Misunderstandings, That's "Kids Are Weird" Written By Jeffrey Brown.

The old wives tals that all red tabby cats are male is false; in truth around 20% of red tabby cats are female. This is becaus all red tabby cats display the sex-linked orange gene O, and the O is carried by the X chromosome. The male has only one X chromosome. The female has two X chromosomes. For a male cat to be red, his X chromosome must carry the O gene. For a female to be red both X chromosomes must carry the O gene (homozygous). The latter is rarer than the former. so there are more male red tabby cats than female red tabby cats.

Hypothetical question. Amber Telford, a 33 year old former Utah Jazz dancer, has sex with a male dance student. A private investigator hired by her suspicious husband takes photos of them having sex in her dance studio. Is that child pornography?

For the scene in US MArshals where Sheridan (Wesley Snipes) escapes by swinging onto a moving train, stuntman Clay Donahue Fontenot literally performed the stunt as it is seen in the film - he swung from the building on a 70 foot long reinforced cable and landed on the roof of a train station alongside a passing train. Because of the logistics of the scene, no safety net or airbag could be used, making it a one time only shot. It took ten weeks to plan the shot, and eight hours to set it up. The stunt only lasts for seven seconds in the released film. And the Boeing 727 that was crashed is now located in a flooded rock quarry near Mermet, Illinois.

The Plymouth automobile was introduced at Madison Square Garden in 1928 and was Chrysler Corporation's first entry in the low-priced field, which at the time was already dominated by Chevrolet and Ford. Plymouths were actually priced slightly higher than their competition, but offered all standard features that the competition did not provide. Plymouths were originally sold exclusively through Chrysler dealerships, offering a low cost alternative to the upscale Chrysler brand cars. The original Plymouth logo featured a rear view of the ship Mayflower which landed at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM: From Serbia with love, some.223 Rounds to keep your AR-15 hummin! Current production ammo made by Prvi Partizan, the top Serbian munitions manufacturer since 1928 -- PPU 5.56x45mm 55-grain FMJ-BT 600 rounds for $180.49 plus shipping.

Ernie, the bridge that hot Czech girl is standing above is in Prague. She's at the railing above the Letensk tunnel looking out over the Vltava river.I've drunk quite a few beers at the bar on the red and white boat to her left. -PJ

Hey Ernie, was able to find the location of the bridge by using the antenna mast as a guide. Knowing this one was unique, I poured through pictures of them on google, which came up with a hit for Tower Praha in Prauge. I then searched through Google Maps until I found this bridge. The dark building on the other end matches up perfectly. The photo was taken on this overpass of the tunnel. Keep up the good work, Mark

I really didn't think that anyone would be able to pick out this spot which is somewhere on Margaret Island. There's simply not enough to go on, just a green pole with some sticker on it, next to one of the perimeter cycling paths. I am however, fucking convinced that the raised logo embroidered in this seat will somehow identify this boat's manufacturer. I have turned the logo every which way and still come up empty. Is that not a logo and I'm chasing shit here, or what?

While a trampoline is safest when only one person jumps at a time, in practice the enjoyment derived from multiple simultaneous jumpers means that this recommendation is often disregarded. Beyond the obvious benefits of keeping jumpers from falling off a trampoline or impacting the frame, a safety net enclosure has other safety benefits in the face of multiple jumpers. The first commercially successful trampoline safety net enclosures were invented and patented by Mark Publicover in the United States and first sold there in 1997 by JumpSport Trampolines. By 2006 80% of all new trampoline sales included safety net enclosures.

Did you know that American troops in Vietnam had a standard issue wristwatch as part of their array of equipment? The real 1960s US Vietnam Military Watch was made out of plastic and designed to be disposable, but this new replica version is a sturdier, while looking more or less identical from the outside.

Supré is a fast fashion womenswear chain in Australia and New Zealand owned by the Cotton On Group. Known for fashion items and basics at an affordable price point, the Supré product offering is aimed at the youth market. Supré General Manager Elle Roseby is the former CEO of Australian retailer Sportsgirl. Under the management of Roseby, the Supré brand has expanded its fashion trend offering to compete with the global fast fashion market. is the coolest webcam site on the web. definitely NSFW.

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