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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 17, 2015
July 17, 2015

So Long, Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, We Hardly Knew Ye.

One of the down sides of doing the website thing is I'm tied to my PC, and by extension, social media. And lately there's just been so much dumbfuckery that despite my best efforts to brush it off -- I've unfriended people and blocked web sites from showing in my news feed -- it's just been getting to me. No one seems the least bit concerned in the authenticity or truthfulness in what they're spreading around lately. No one wants to put the slightest bit of effort to do a Google search before forwarding on the latest if-it-sounds-too-incredible-to-be-true-it-probably-is story, but perfectly capable of putting in effort to be offended. For weeks after the Charleston shooting, not a single fucking liberal rag could write an article about any topic on Earth, without including the fucking phrase "Confederate flag." As a society we have -- literally -- banned fucking toys and 30 year old television shows because of it. Now go to MSNBC, pull up their article on the Chattanooga attack and search for the words 'Muslim" or "Islam" or "ISIS". You won't find it, other than in the comments section. It's a disgusting double standard that most people would choke on if they weren't so fucking busy hating Republicans just for the sake of hating Republicans. And I say that as a registered Libertarian. So I just have to wash my hands of social media for awhile, before I start coming unglued on people.

Here's something that's important that no one is taking the thirty fucking seconds it takes to find the truth. And it pains my heart a little bit to say this but the order to disarm military personnel on base DID NOT come from President William Clinton, it came from President Gerorge H. W. Bush. Regardless, it was a mistake no matter who signed the order, so color me flabbergasted when I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with two people I never saw myself agreeing with.

The first is Donald Trump who said in a recent interview, "As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases. President Clinton never should have passed a ban on soldiers being able to protect themselves on bases. America's Armed Forces will be armed. They will be able to defend themselves against terrorists. Our brave soldiers should not be at risk because of policy created by civilian leadership. Political correctness has no place in this debate.” I'm not saying I'm going to vote for Trump, I'm simply saying he's spot fucking on in this instance.

The second is Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer -- seriously dude, Bristol Fucking Palin? -- who had this to say about the Chattanooga attack, "I, for one, do not plan to give away by ability to defend myself and those I care about. I carry a firearm with me at all times legally under the conceal and carry laws in the area that I am in. I do not call for a disarming of American, but instead a full institution of the 2nd Amendment so that we may defend ourselves as a country from all threats, both foreign and domestic. The threat is here, this is real, and this will not be the end of it." So at this point if you choose to keep your head in the sand and refuse to at least acknowledge the growing threat -- handgun | ammunition -- well then you're just a fucking moron and this is all your fault.

You know what makes us a plague upon the earth? Well, besides things like Charleston and Chattanooga. It's that we're the only living creature on the fucking planet whose natural instinct when we encounter the most breathtaking examples of other species, is to kill it for sport. Between this and Iran being all but handed the fucking atomic bomb, I honestly can't wait for Captain Tripps. In the meantime, we're left to wonder how many representatives the Obama Administration is going to send to Abdulaze's funeral.

Ernie, The food in the plate is refried beans, some kind of rice, but the yellow thing is most likely Mexican Sweet Corn Cake. She is most likely at Chevy's, a Tex-Mex place in the southwest. It is really good by the way. Here is the recipe. Also, when I finally got past the amazing tits on that girl, I checked out the coffee maker -- it's a GE digital coffee maker. You can get it at any Walmart for under 20 bucks. Take care, Eric R.

Hi Ern, She's eating Mexican. That is a sweet Mexican Corn Cake. Rather tasty. Cheers, Randy

... and here's another possibility ...

Mexican? No. Greek. She's eating Saganaki with a pita. larry

See, either of those two ideas is completely plausible, although I will admit I'm more likely to lean the sweet corn cake route; the top doesn't look browned like saganaki, and the Greek suggestion doesn't account for (what looks like) refried beans. But like I suggested yesterday, without any additional photos to give some corroborating evidence, we'll never know for sure since that photo is a One-of. The same thing goes for this photo. The hilly terrain, the multi-story red brick buildings and red brick sidewalks, the patchy green grass, the steep pitched roof of the garage, and the maple (ash?) trees.... I can all but guarantee you that's somewhere in the northeast, probably somewhere east of Indiana and north of North Carolina. But with absolutely no identifying characteristics and no other photos of that series to work with, we'll simply never know.

If there is any bright news for the week, remember the girl from the Calgary threesome? Well it looks like she started her own Youtube channel.

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