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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 21, 2015
July 21, 2015

Only In America Does The Military Have To Call The Police To Shoot An Attacker.

My hat is off to Florida Governow Rick Scott, for joining the Governors of Arkansas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Connecticut, all of whom have all ordered flags to half mast in their respective states. Hell even John Boehner has gotten in on it and ordered the flag at the Capitol Building. Who hasn't so far? That's right. Fuckface. 2:00PM UPDATE: LEADING FROM BEHIND.

In some fair competitions, particularly 4-H and FFA livestock and horticultural events, blue ribbons may be awarded to any project or exhibit which meets or exceeds all of a competition's judging criteria. The project may not necessarily be the first-place finisher, however. In such cases, a purple ribbon may given to the champion and second-place (or reserve) champion. Awards are generally given according to the following scale: First place, blue ribbon; Second place, red ribbon; Third place, yellow ribbon; Fourth place, white ribbon; Fifth place, pink ribbon; Sixth place, green ribbon; Seventh place, purple ribbon; Eighth place,brown ribbon.

LeSean Kamel McCoy is a running back for the Buffalo Bills, and playing in Buffalo can be rough during the cold winter months. So the newly acquired running back is making sure he soaks in as much sun as possible before making the trip back to frigid tundra that is upstate New York. And what better place to soak in that sun than in Las Vegas, where you can also take in the view of dozens of hot babes in bikinis. See, money can buy happiness after all.

I can forsee a lot of this leading to a lot of and this.

Hi Ernie... The leather lady just got off a Sundance charter bus at the San Diego Convention Center. John

The bus, Sundance Stage Lines of San Diego droped her off at the Convention Center Station in SanDiego, Cliaofnir during Comic Con 2013, note The B ig Bang Theory & The Following backpacks behind her. Rick

It really should not be that big of a challenge for you to find what city this girl lives in. I will however, be impressed if you can find the location of this deck party.

This animation combines various observations of Pluto over the course of several decades. The first frame is a digital zoom-in on Pluto as it appeared upon its discovery by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 (image courtesy Lowell Observatory Archives). The other images show various views of Pluto as seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope beginning in the 1990s and NASA's New Horizons spacecraft in 2015. The final sequence zooms in to a close-up frame of Pluto released on July 15, 2015.

This is New York City in July of 1990, after 12 years of Ed Koch's tenurte. Later that year, enter David Dinkins who didn't really do shit to clean it up. Then enter Rudy Guliani, and while some may dispute his "Broken Windows" methodology, reduced violent crime by 56 percent during the eight years he served as mayor. Murder, down nearly two-thirds. Robbery, down 67 percent. Aggravated assault, down 28 percent. Next came Mike Bloomberg -- virulent anti-gun cocksucker that he is -- who not only continued Guliani's controversial policies, but expanded them. Too far, I think, but I don't live in NYC so I really don't give a fuck. But now they have that pandering shitbag Bill de Blasio and all of those gains accomplished over the past 25 years are crumbling down.

So this video was posted on one of our local news stations. If someone would have a window breaker as you have posted a few times, that child would have been out of the car in under 30 seconds. Jonathan

Tempered auto glass is first heated just below melting, then exposed to bursts of cold air. The cold cools and shrinks the surface of the glass faster than the inside, compressing the surface inward. This more dense, inwardly compressed surface makes the glass stronger, so it takes a lot more force to break it. Talk to a few cops and you'll get stories about officers whaling away on a driver's window with an ASP baton, and doing more damage to their egos than to the glass. Kari from Mythbusters was able to break a window using a center punch, but seriously, who the fuck carries around a fucking center punch? Instead, opt for a The deal for ther Kershaw I carry has long since expired and is back to full price, but there are several other purpose designed knives and tools to choose from

I'm also trying to find a better copy of this photo in the hopes of being able to make out some newspaper details, but so far no dice.

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