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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 5, 2015
August 5, 2015

Close, But No Banana. Or Cigar. Or Horshoe. Or Hand Grenade.

I have two photos today that would have made terrific photo challenges, but as infuriating as it is, I simply can't find enough clues in the image themselves to think there's any chance they can be solved. The first is this porch with multi-colored railings. Great image; very clear, lots of detail, the kid's playground, the order of the porch colors all makes the location very distinctive... but there simply isn't any information to begin the search with. What city, what state, what country? No house numbers, no street signs, no bus routes, no trash barrels, no business signs, no nothing. I even tried finding a gallery that included this picture, hoping other images would yield some information. Fucking zipolla. So instead, I'm asking you to find where this dry cleaners is located.

The Paris Métropolitain is a rapid transit system in the Paris metropolitan area, noted for its density within the city limits and its uniform architecture, influenced by Art Nouveau. The first line opened without ceremony on 19 July 1900, during the World's Fair. The system expanded quickly until the First World War and the core was complete by the 1920s. Extensions into suburbs and Line 11 were built in the 1930s. Currently it is the second-busiest subway system in Europe, after Moscow. It carried 1.541 billion passengers in 2012, or roughly 4.2 million passengers a day. The Paris Metropolitan is one of the densest metro systems in the world, with 245 stations within the 34 sq mi of the city of Paris.

I got a lot of feedback on my 1911 question, so much so that I put the best hands-on responses on a single page so as to not overwhelm this post. And for the record, I wasn't really going to buy one of those Turkish Tisas Zig 1911s, they just happened to be at the top of the list so they're who I used for an example. Right now it's some cheap $335 Century Arms piece of shit so if I were to write that post today, that's the model I'd use for a price comparison. One theme that seemed kind of homogeneous in most people's responses was to stay away from double stacked 1911s; that high caps/double stacks sound nice in theory, but leave alot to be desired in the reliability department, especially when they're dirty. Not to mention the grip on a single stack is a lot more apt to fit a wider range of hand sizes, the thinner grip makes it easier to conceal, and single stack mags are shit ton cheaper than their double-stacked counterparts.

Hey Ernie, Got this one pretty quickly, I googled "C-47 Museum" then scolled through pics until I found a match. Anyway, it is located at the Deutsches Museum in Schleissheim, Germany. Good pic of the nose art here. Here's the write-up on the aircraft's history from the museum webpage. Keep 'em coming, Tim

The second of my frustrating not-photo challenges is this one. Again, great quality photo image. Very clear, lots going on, but nothing distinctive. The security tape is generic, SECURITY LINE DO NOT CROSS. I was hoping for something like So-And-So-Music Festival, no dice. Same for the trash can and the t-shirts just read SECURITy, so no help there. Hell I even tried zooming in on the wristband to see if that gave me anything... letter S and the letter T maybe? So anyway, fuck that one. Head back to Las Vegas and identify the resort this woman is staying at.

Not quite the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Chronicle Series brings to life stories of Thomas Hardy, founding father and wine pioneer. Tip this Hardy's The Chronicles Twice Lost Pinot Grigio in the glass and it's fresh and vibrant. Think white lilly flowers, pear skin, freshly cut green apple and green melons. Take a sip though and it's a different story. Palate gives up the ripe stone fruit, lemon rind and lovely nuttiness. Simple and a little lifeless with the fruit moving on too quickly. The Chronicles Twice Lost Pinot is a fair wine, there's appeal here for those seeking simple refreshment.

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So Long, Lieutenant George Herbert Walker Bus...

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