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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 7, 2015
August 7, 2015

This Country Needs Chris Christie The Same Way Anne Frank Needed A Drum Set.

Bon-aqua is filtered municial water processed by reverse osmosis and treated with ozonation, before minerals such as magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride and sodium chloride are added. Bon-aqua bottled water is available in a range of Plain, Plain Sparkling, Sparkling Flavoured, Still Flavoured and Enhanced Flavoured drinks.

Researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory have announced a breakthrough in the construction of spinel, also known as transparent aluminum. The substance is named after an iconic scene in Star Trek, in which Enterprise Chief Engineer Mr. Scott hands over the chemical formula for an advanced 23rd-century building material to a manufacturing company in 1980s San Francisco. According to the NRL, they've already worked with one unnamed company to extend manufacturing from 8-inch test wafers to 30-inch plates. They also discovered it's possible to shape the material while it forms. This opens the door to using spinel as a shield for the leading edge of a plane wing or as part of a drone.

Friday Game: Up is down, down is up, what the hell man? Shit gets pretty trippy around level 8 of Down is Up.

Rolling Rock is a pale lager launched in 1939 by the Latrobe Brewing Company. Although founded as a local beer in Western Pennsylvania, Rolling Rock was marketed aggressively and eventually became a national product before being sold to Anheuser-Busch in 2006. Meanwhile, The first Fantasy Fest was held in 1979 when two local businessmen, Tony Falcone and the late Bill Conkle, organized a party to stimulate their Key West business. The event has escalated to a ten day celebration that includes balls, a parade, costume competitions, AIDS fundraisers, body painting, drag queen contests, costume parties, alcohol, and pet and neighborhood parades for the whole family. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show me the exact spot where Rolling Rock and bodypainting collide.

This is the Lenin Museum, designed by Soviet architect Leonid Pavlov in1987, and located in Gorki Leninskiye You can see it via Street View and Satellite. Jeny Smith has more photos here. Rick

Hey Ernie, Been a big fan ever since the stick figure days and your site is always one of the first I check out every day. Thought you'd find this Taco Bell story interesting. Not only is it only a few blocks from my house but I actually got drive the night of the bust. Now I know how they won the fast food wars. Will

Speaking of meth labs and fast food, on Monday I posted a link related to Breaking Bad, specifically noting that Jesse Pinkman's house is up for sale at 1.6 million dollars. But I forgot to mention Walt's tighty whiteys sold for almost $10,000. You're welcome for that.

No flower can lift someone's spirits quite like sunflowers. They are bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun. With brilliant yellow petals, also known as “rays,” sunflowers have an unmistakable sun-like appearance that has made them a crowd favorite, especially in the summer months. Sunflowers come in a number of varieties—ranging from small to very large, from having yellow petals to red. However, there is more to sunflowers than meets the eye. While they are stunningly beautiful, they also are rich in history and meaning. The sunflower moves itself in the most direct position in front of the sun so it can get the maximum sun rays. This is symbolic of spiritual faith, and worship because we follow our belief system as the sunflower moves to face the lifegiving rays of the sun.

Hiya Ernie, Kinda sucks that the first photo challenge I chime in on has an ugly guy in it, but I used to live up the hill from there. It's the statue of liberty on Alki in West Seattle, FML. I nabbed a PT-111 on your advice about 700 rounds ago, no ftf, fte or any issues at all, it just runs. Trigger is gritty and breaks way too late, kind of toyish in that sense but I'll take reliability over just about anything in a glove box pistol. I've got other options for carry but the Taurus has been the one I grab on my way out. Totally trustworthy. Thanks for the advice, entertainment, etc and keep it coming! Chuck

Word. Everyone who handles one of these Millenium Pro Gen2's always says the same thing, "I expected the typical piece of crap Taurus, but holy cow this thing is really awesome." Well that and the shitty trigger. Which again, is just a matter of getting used to it. There seem to be a lot of inexpensive firearms coming to market lately. In the AR-15 arena, the high water mark -- well, I guess I should say the low water mark -- used to be a Bushmaster you could pick up from Walmart for $599. This rifle which used to be available online is no longer offered after Sandy Hook, although they still have them in the brick and mortar stores. This was just one of the many things that sent the fucking antigunners scrambling -- 555 rounds of .22 ammo OMG! Besides, like anyone would be fucking lucky enough to find one of those at Walmart anymore. But now? You can snap up a Del-Ton DT Sport Lite AR-15 for $438. Now that's a sport model, meaning no dust cover, shell deflector or forward assist... but unless you plan on carrying this thing out into the woods and hunt Charlie with it, who the fuck cares?

Friday's Flick: "That's the question on the minds of all your viewers? Whether I run out of gas or not? Tell you what, Jer. You let your viewers know that I hope Miss Voss' fear and my desperation are entertainment enough for them. After all, that is what this is all about, isn't it? The story. As it breaks. Live. Coming to you from the bad guy himself. I mean we wouldn't want your viewers to change the fucking channel, now would we?"

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