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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 17, 2015
August 17, 2015

Please Stop Posting This Meme, You Stupid Ignorant Fucks.

317,000,000 Americans * $1,000,000 each = $317,000,000,000,000. Yes, that's $317 TRILLION dollars. As in seventeen times our currenty national debt. On the other hand, $360,000,000 divided up between 317,000,000 Americans = $1.14 each. So don't spend it all in one place, you dumb fuck.

The 2013 two-up Sportsman Touring 550 from Polaris is powered by single cylinder four-stroke motor that has a displacement of 549cc. It is an electronically fuel-injected motor. This mill generates excellent torque, especially at bottom RPM. The On-Demand True All Wheel Drive system monitors the difference between the speed of the front and rear wheels, and transfers power to the front wheels only when rear slippage is detected; unlike the typical four-wheel drive system used by the rest of the industry—where the front and rear drivetrain are locked together permanently via a locked clutch when 4x4 is engaged. Paired with the Electronic Power Steering, the engagement of the Sportsman Touring's AWD is almost imperceptible.

A spinning heel kick is where the artist turns his/her body 360 degrees before landing the heel of his foot on the target. It is found in Muay Thai.

Named after a treacherous jump in Pardubice's famous horse race ‘Velka Pardubicka', Pernštejn's Taxis could be just as dangerous for an enthusiastic drinker. This beer from Pardubice has a unique taste and golden brown color, a sweet caramel aroma, and thick head. Taxis has an unusual taste of honey, roasted barley, caramel, with a hint of herbs. It's smooth, surprisingly strong, and has almost no bitterness. If you're looking for a unique beer, Pernstejn's Taxis is an excellent choice.

I'll preface this by saying $299 for a Chinese made SKS is a terrific fucking deal, but if you don't mind ponying up another $120, you can grab a C&R eligible Yugoslavian SKS and the $20 hand select option will guarantee accessories such as a leather mag pouch, oiler, oiler pouch, sling, tubular cleaning kit and DIG THIS -- serialized Troop Issue Log Book. That means you'll know the name of every soldier who carried your rifle wheile they were in the Yugoslavian Army.

The building under construction is the Fontainebleau. The picture I believe was taken from the Riviera around 2008. Rick

Close, but no cookie; I couldn't find a picture of this one, but the package is Friggs Riskakor, a type of rice cookie you can find here in Sweden. Not sweet, more like... Styrofoam. With seasoning. The packaging is old, so as I said I couldn't find a picture, but if you compare font and writing you'll see that it matches. Cheers, Tore

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a slope of no more than 1:12 for wheelchairs ramps for business and public use, which works out to 1 foot of ramp for each inch of rise. For example, a 20 inch rise requires a minimum of 20 foot in length of ramp. But since this wheelchair ramp isn't located in the United States, I need you to find it on Street View so we can see what local regulations come into play.

Old and busted: drone footage of Tianjin blast site. The new hotness: drone footage of Icelandic Lava River. Both are best when watched FULL screen.

The Dodge Ram was updated for the 2006 model year. One notable addition was the "Mega Cab", featuring a 6.25-foot cargo box and 22 inches of extra cab space, allowing seating for six with rear recliners, a full screen mapping in-dash navigation system became an option, and the headlamps were redesigned for better performance. Models built after January 1, 2007 offered a new 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel as an option in 2500/3500 models, replacing the 5.9L. It produced 350 hp and 650 lb·ft. Unlike the 5.9L which was backed by the 4-speed 48RE Transmission, the 6.7L was equipped with the new 6-speed 68RFE transmission.

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