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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 26, 2015
August 26, 2015

I've got $50 That Says Love Triangle. Disgruntled Employee? Huh.

Police are looking for a suspect who opened fire on WDBJ7 photographer Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker. This happened during a live broadcast around 6:45 a.m. -- don't worry, disturbing but not graphic.

Built on the B platform, the Dodge B-series full-size vans entered production for the 1971 model year. Due to a one-welded-piece "Uniframe" design, the Dodge platform was lighter and stronger and featured a lower cargo floor than the competition, at the expense of noise, vibration, and harshness. The resulting lower center of gravity improved handling versus the competing products. As such, the B-series van was popular for cab-over motorhome conversion until Chrysler Corporation's egress from that market during their financial difficulties in the late 1970s.

Yes, this is the fucking guy over 300,000 people want to moderate the next Presidential debate. And somehow it's Trump making a mockery of things.

The Constitution of Norway was signed at Eidsvoll on May 17 in the year 1814. The constitution declared Norway to be an independent kingdom in an attempt to avoid being ceded to Sweden after Denmark–Norway's devastating defeat in the Napoleonic Wars. Observed on May 17 each year, Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and is an official national holiday. It is tradition for the Trondhjems Studentersangforening -- the nation's second oldest male choir and the city's second oldest fraternity after Samfundet itself -- to sing by the statue of Olav Tryggvason, as they do every year on Norway's Constitution Day.

I know all the latest rage is about the iPhone 6, but I'd really prefer to test out the classic lines of the older iPhone 5. Can you show me where this display is located, so I can get a close look?

Hi Ernie, Got an infographic here with the best Don Draper put downs from the TV show Mad Men. Even if you haven't seen the show they are still pretty funny. Have a great weekend. David

This aired on my local news tonight. When will America stand up to these politically correct fuckwits? Shane

So is it Common Core or Common Whore? Ryan

First, the good news: Google wants to make it easy for people to consider using solar power for their homes. Today it launched a tool called Project Sunroof, which uses Google Maps data to calculate your roof's solar energy potential. Now the bad news: this is a list of places Project Sunroof currently services. My suspicion is it won't be of much use for another few months.

We all remember the Breaking Bad finale with the oscillating M60 machine gun in the trunk of Walt's Caddy. The question is, would that wor in real life? Well, Adam and Jamie take a look.

Google lies about eBay. They do not have any of these tshirts for sale.

Since U.S. military police officers are members of the armed forces, they are prohibited from enacting domestic law enforcement powers under the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law passed in 1878. MPs may enforce certain limited powers, such as traffic stops, on access roads and other federal property not necessarily within the boundaries of their military base or installation. The only way MPs are allowed to enforce law and order outside the military realm as stated above is when martial law is in effect. When combined, the Posse Comitatus Act and Insurrection Act place significant limits on presidential power to use the military police in a law enforcement capacity.

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