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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 8, 2015
October 8, 2015

Meanwhile, The Last Of The Skilled Jobs Are Being Shipped Overseas Thanks To TPP.

An shitfaced college student walked into the UCONN's student union Sunday night and demanded bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese. Now, 19-year-old Luke Gatti has gained viral fame after a 9-minute video of his tirade, and subsequent arrest, was posted on YouTube Monday night. But was it all worth it? Turns out, it may have been.

The Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Arcade Cabinet Class of 1983 Arcade Size Home Edition is an authentic reproduction of the original game, now made specifically for home use! It is identical to the original coin-operated versions without the need for coins. Play Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga and unlock 4 bonus games: Pac-Man, Speedy Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga.

Meet Kim Anami. She lifts weights with her vagina -- with pics -- and she's about to embark on the European leg of her world tour. You're welcome.

A claymore is the Scottish variant of the late medieval two-handed longsword. It is characterised as having a cross hilt of forward-sloping quillons with quatrefoil terminations. As a broad, heavy weapon the swords were seen as a symbol of physical strength and prowess, and a link to the historic Highland way of life. Although these swords were no longer recognizable as the historical claymore they were the broadsword of that era and so were referred to using that same word. Claymores remained in service with Scottish regiments into the 19th century.

Okay, the first of two photo challenges is kinda easy. Where is loitering on walkovers prohibited?

The Statue is the original from Lenningrad, which was relocated from the Soviet Union and reinstalled in Fremont, the center of Seattle, Washington which is the known center of the universe as anyone from Fremont will tell you. Specifically, every year to celebrate the Summer Solstice they have a huge nude bike ride. It makes for interesting sex talk between children watching along the side of the street and their parents since its a parade.

[Bzzzzt, nope! Pay attention to the arctitecture of the white block building in the background...]

Hey Ernie. Still working in the lady in the hat logo, but the statue one was easy for me, had a photo already of it. I believe it is Maj Gen Sir Henry Havelock, located at Trafalgar square. Keep em coming, and take pity on us poor bastards still living near Niagara Falls this winter! Ray

The second photo challenge is a bit tougher, as I want you to identify this castle. Or is that considered a keep?

Well lookee lookee at what came in the mail yesterday, my weenie little credit card knives. They are for the most part, as advertised and exactly as people described them. I wouldn't count on more than maybe, eh, 30-40 opening/closings before I'd start to worrk about the plastic creases starting to break, but for in-a-pinch-better-than-nothing, I'll take it. But yes, for daily carry I'd recommend carrying a more robust knife.

For those who want to take care of their line but without sacrificing pleasure, Nestle Sveltesse yogurts are light and yet are delicious.

Hey Ernie, The Souvenir Stand is at Terrasse Kahlenberg north of Vienna, no Street View, but I found this sight with a similar photo and GPS coordinates to verify the spot. . And more of her here. Keep 'em coming, Tim

Hey Ernie, A couple of weeks ago you put up the method to search the 2015 archives. I saw it and said yeah, I'll keep this aside for future use. Well that never happened. Would you mind either putting that up on the web page again to replying back to this email with it? Thanks a long time fan, Pete

Actually I managed to fix the archive script, so the list is updating again. Regardless, the search option searches everything from 2001 right up until midnight last night. Ans no dice on the double parked Camaro; other than to tell you the shopping mall looks very Florida'esque.

The Festival of Lights in Lyon, France expresses gratitude toward Mary, mother of Jesus on December 8 of each year. This uniquely Lyonnaise tradition dictates that every house place candles along the outsides of all the windows to produce a spectacular effect throughout the streets. The festival includes other activities based on light and usually lasts four days, with the peak of activity occurring on the 8th. The two main focal points of activity are typically the Basilica of Fourvière which is lit up in different colours, and the Place des Terreaux, which hosts a different light show each year. Nowadays, the festival draws 3 to 4 million people each year and several books have been published showcasing the light photography.

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