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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 27, 2015
October 27, 2015


Ted Baker plc is a British luxury clothing retail company whose founder and CEO, Ray Kelvin, started his first store in March 1988 in Glasgow, and opened further stores in Manchester, Plymouth, and Nottingham. In 1990 Ted Baker opened a store in Covent Garden -- with additional stores in London's Soho, Nottingham and Leeds -- and Kelvin bought the company outright from part-owners Goldberg and Sons. Ted Baker has stores and outlets in the rest of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, China and the Middle East. It opened a store on Fifth Avenue in New York City in August 2012.

Well, since the New York Mets are in the World Series and the first game is tonight -- go Mets -- I figured today would be a good day for some New York City challenges. And it took a while to find some that were actually challengind since if I posted something like this recruiting station, it can be found with a simple Google search even if it is raining. And while you may have to set your wayback machines back a few years in order to find Planet Hollywood, what I really want you to do is find me where I can score me some of these delicious looking pastries.

Hey Ernie, The fit flasher is at the Genie Car Wash in Austin, TX. The streetview was a challenge because if you look from one side of the street, the Ichiban sign has been torn down, but it's still there on the other side of the street! Keep on keepin' on! Josh

Is Citracal, a calcium citrate supplement, not Citrucel. They both taste like shit, IMHO. Richard

Congratulations Canada on electing that pussy Trudeau as your new PM. Your door prize? An immediate attempt to ban the 60+ year old SKS rifle. And the 40 year old Ruger Mini-14, the 60 year old CZ-858 and the 50 year old Norinco M-305. You've earned it!

The Central Park Carousel, officially the Michael Friedsam Memorial Carousel, is a vintage carousel located in Central Park in Manhattan, New York City, at the southern end of the park, near East 65th Street. It is the fourth carousel in the park since 1871, all located at the same site, and is part of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission's Central Park Scenic Landmark. There are also six carousels in Paris, France. Can you find this one?

Hi Ernie. I'm collecting the bonus. She stands about the corner of Hertogstraat and Kraanlei in Gent! So your guess at Brugge came close. Jan

Her location is on Kraanlei, Ghent, Belgium. More of her pictures here. Rick

And finally, if this World Series stretches out for the full seven games, I'm thinking of having a little party and maybe having it catered. What chain franchise is that? The BBQ chickens sound really good.

Oh, because I missed the FRIDAY FLICK: That'd make you the motherfucker who killed Joe. That right? You killed my youngest? Now you're after Billy, yeah? Well, Billy's no damn doing of mine. Anything he didn't no damn doing of mine. So, somebody needs to make somebody pay for something to make themselves feel better. Billy'd be the one to pay. Kill the little piss-pants. See if it makes a damn day's difference to me. Dad to dad, don't tell me about it. Just... go do it. Lord knows I've been patient, and you're a cash fucking customer. But you think about asking me where Billy is... I'll kill ya. Go your way now. Go with God... And a bag full of guns.

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