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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 2, 2015
November 2, 2015

So I'm Going To Go Out On A Limb Here, And Say He's A Very Angry Star Trek Fan.

Look closely, young padawan, as here is an EXCELLENT photo challenge. I find the design of this wire frames bench to be very interesting. Find it for me on Streetview, so I can get a closer look.

One of the the most reported facts about the Aurora shootings was that James Holmes was wearing a bulletproof vest, yet like so many other things the media says this is simply not true. Here's a .pdf of the receipt for Holmes' “bulletproof vest” which shows that it was actually a tactical vest of the type used by paintballers, mall ninjas and people who play too much Call of Duty.

Interesting. This cup looks hand painted which would make me think it's one of a kind, and yet the one sitting next to it looks to be the exact same. Plus the colors match the color scheme of the restauarant/resort. Weird.

In music notation Dal segno, often abbreviated D.S., is used as a navigation marker. But I'm pretty sure that's not the case here. What is that a book? Maybe a shopping bag for a store with a similar name?

Oh and that chick who gave a blowjob at the Resdskins game last week? Well, social media has found her. You're welcome.

Ernie, Your link to the Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup was interesting, but this stuff is the best. Love your work. Larry

Ernie, The girl with what we think is the fountain in the background has been driving me nuts for about a week. Tim just wrote in to say he thinks it's in Germany and I'm inclined to agree with him. The coat of arms inscribed on the fountain says "Kurtrier" which was, according to Wikipedia, "an electorate of Trier." Trier is a town in Germany and had a pretty brutal and well known witch trial in the late 16th century. This makes me think the fountain/statue is somewhere in the former Trier region of Germany although it seems like the city of Trier still exists so be careful not to confuse the former region of Trier with the current city of Trier. The Trier marketplace actually seems like it's made out of gingerbread and, at first, I thought it was there, but the architecture seems out of place. Maybe it's in a former municipality of Trier? I have searched high and low, though, Ernie, and can't find the fucker. Part of the difficulty is that Google doesn't do street views in Germany any longer. One other thing is that, if I'm not mistaken, the actual Holy Roman Empire stretched over vast swaths of Europe and the capital city was Trier. I've seen similar architectural leanings in Budapest and, to be quite honest, the buildings in the background seem a little more Eastern European but that's only a hunch. Maybe that'll offer more clues to anyone else still searching? -- CD

Now that's some goddamn teamwork right there! Let's see if anyone can run with your shuffle pass! In the meantime, this challenge is simple, straightforward, yet challenging: find me this Korn interview!

Malvina Reynolds was an American folk/blues singer-songwriter and political activist, best known for her song-writing, particularly the songs "Little Boxes" -- which was used as the opening theme song for the Showtime television series Weeds -- and "Morningtown Ride" and "Magic Penny." The opening lyrics for Magic Penny are, "Love is something if you give it away, Give it away, give it away. Love is something if you give it away, You end up having more."

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