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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 18, 2015
December 18, 2015

Quick And Dirty Today. There's Only One Week Left Until Christmas, So It's Time To Start My Shopping.

Okay kids, this is last and greatest push for donations for this year's Let's Bring Em Home ticket drive. For those of you unfamiliar, this is our annual tradition of collecting donations to buy plane tickets for our nation's junior military members to fly home for Christmas. We've been doing it since 2001 and sao far this year is shaping up pretty well: we've completed 128 tickets so far, have another 7 in our queue and as of this writing need $4,478.67 more to square up everything for the year. We continue to book tickets right up until Christmas so if you haven't had the opportunity to help out with a GREAT cause this year, let this be your chance. Toss a few bucks in to help send a Soldier, Airman, Marine or Sailor home for Christmas. As always, your donations are 100% tax deductible and I thank you for your support!

Your first challenge for this weekend is rather easy; show me what building this woman is in. Beautiful scenery, too. And not just in the elevator.

So watching the Tampa Bay Bucs play the St Louis Rams last night, and this was the first thing I thought of. And apparently, I was not the only one.

Ernie, the beer bottle you're looking for is pretty easy, it's Karmi Classic, a Polish non-alcoholic beer from the Carlsburg brewery. Teddy

Hey Ernie, I've seen one of those VWs at a car show up the road a bit from you, in Punta Gorda. The tiki themed, air brushed bug has also be accompanied by a great VW bus themed after the Grateful Dead. I only have one picture of it )...if I see it around again I'll get some more shots of it. Keep up the good work, both with this site and LBEH. Mike

I always figured it would be a cold day in hell before I agree with something Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, so put your sweaters on. Look, American history is American history, and not all of it was pretty. Slavery, bad. Civil war, bad. I get it, but good or bad it's what led us to where we are as a nation today. I'm not suggesting we glorify it, but certainly acknowledge it. This revisionism bullshit is dangerous, and has to stop.

Oh, and speaking of revisionism, it doesn'y only happen here in the United States. So your second challenge to carry you through the weekend is to show me where this statue was. And I say was because it has since been torn down. Bonus points if you can tell me why.

Hey Ernie, I got a late start on this one, and didn't bother sending it in after I solved it. The stairs are in Berlin across the Spree River by the Berlin Cathedral. They are the pedestrian underpass for Karl Liebknecht Street. This one was pretty easy, it is the same chick from the October 12 photo challenge, about a block south from where that photo was taken. You can see more of her thin little racing stripe here. Keep 'em coming, Tim

And this I believe is the most difficult of the three challenges for this weekend. I need someone to identify this castle? Or cathedral, maybe? Whatever it is, it's white with three dark (grey?) spires.

Rudy Mancinas is from Texas. He's humble to the core and generous in spirit, yet with an ambitious goal to collect every single fucking color Porsche delivered in the 964/993 generations. That's right, he collects Porsches like Bert collects bottlecaps.

FRIDAY FLICK: And the introduction is quite simple. I want my two dollars. Added bonus: here's an article on the restoration of the Better off Dead Camaro, although the site dedicated to it is now defunct and only available via the Internet Wayback Machine.

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