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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 8, 2016
February 8, 2016

The Halftime Show Sucked, But Gaga Has Some Pipes, Yes?

Dry membranes, cracked lips and dry skin are some of the problems caused by dry air. This condition is worse in the bedroom because it causes uncomfortable, sleepless nights. You can use a humidifier to increase the condition of your room; however, this will take up more space in your room and increase your electricity bill. Fortunately, there are several ways to humidify the room without using a humidifier. A radiator heat in your room is an effective way to improve the moisture content in your room. It works when you place a pot or water container near the source of your radiator heat for the water to evaporate; this becomes humidity and thus moistens the air. You can also place a pan containing water directly on the radiator. Note that you do not have to place the dish of water directly on the heat for the evaporation to occur. put together a comprehensive report on how much the site's porn traffic drops during Super Bowl.

Many of us associate the power and value of a computer based on the capacity of its hard drive. To a certain extent, this is true. After all, newer (and presumably better) computer models come with robust hard drives. As you may know by now, this may not be enough what with the kind of computing needs and habits many people have. Those who download, upload and store large amounts of files know that a built-in hard drive is often insufficient to meet the needs of regular computer users. You could replace the drive entirely with a larger one, or you could turn to cloud-based data storage. Then, there is a third option - use external hard drives to grow beyond the limited capacity of your internal drive.

Ernie, The car with a baby seat is located in the 900 block of Lawton Street, San Francisco. I'm guessing the family has grown, since the street view now has a van parked in front instead of a 2 door car. Thanks for the hunt, Chris

Hi Ernie! That car with a baby seat is located in front of 920 Lawton St facing south, just north of Lomita Ave. in San Francisco, CA. That orange & white tower in the background is the Sutra Tower. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Scott from NYC

On a whim I've recently been looking to pick up a flamingo themed Hawaiian shirt. Based upon the background pattern of water/palm trees, I had thought my search ended when I found this one, but since that is clearly made in the United States, I am having a difficult time finding a place to buy one. Any ideas?

Self-filling water bottles might sound like some kind of made-up invention, but evidently modern technology makes such a thing quite possible. Fontus is a self-filling water bottle for your bicycle. This device collects the moisture contained in the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water. Powered by solar cells, it can harvest up to one half liter of water per hour, under the right climatic conditions.

In early 2007 Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone. Designed to “reinvent the phone,” Apple's iPhone has revolutionized smartphones and shaped the industry into what it is today. Apple's first iPhone debuted in 2007 with the trademark home button, a metal rear casing, and just a 3.5-inch display. Its capacitive touchscreen laid the foundations for modern smartphones. Apple's second iPhone was a big departure from the original. The iPhone 3G dropped in price thanks to a new plastic rear, but also gained 3G connectivity, GPS, third-party apps, and a distinctive white model to choose from. A rounded rear completed the look, and button placements remained the same.

The red Gilera Stalker scooter is parked accross from #4 Badergasse, Aschaffenburg, Germany so no street view. More pictures of her here. Rick

If you've got a spare $5 million dollars laying around, you can actually buy the entire town of Nipton, Nevada, which was used as a model for Fallout: New Vegas.

Chainmail is a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. The earliest example of mail was found in a Dacian chieftain's burial located in Ciume?ti, Romania. Mail armor provided an effective defence against slashing blows by edged weapons and penetration by thrusting and piercing weapons; in fact, a study conducted at the Royal Armories at Leeds concluded that, "it is almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon." The flexibility of mail meant that a blow would often injure the wearer, potentially causing serious bruising or fractures, and it was a poor defence against blunt force trauma. Mail-clad warriors typically wore separate rigid helms for head protection.

So, what shop is this dog checking out?

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