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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 19, 2016
February 19, 2016

Big Red Has A New Battery And a Full Tank Of Gas. Also, Its Value Just Doubled.

Passoa is a passion fruit liqueur made in France, with mango being one of the main ingredients, but also comes in pineapple, and coconut flavors. It is red colored and has an alcohol volume of 15 to 17% depending on the country. Passoa has been a best-selling liqueur in several national markets including Holland and Belgium.

Two years ago I posted about how I had come into posession of a little little Colt Junior -- the longer cartridge is a .357 Magnum next to one of the Junior's teeny tiny little .25 calliber mouse round; here's a Q-tip for comparison. I know, I know. A little .25 cal?! Hey if you're in gym shorts, it's better than nothing, amirite? And yes, that really did happen. Anyway, it's spent its entire life with me sitting in my safe, sans two trips to the range. Out of pure dumb luck, I was browsing around during my morning cup of coffee and stumbled across some Viridian Compact and Subcompact pocket holsters selling for a whopping -- wait for it -- $2.69 each. And that includes shipping. So eh, what the fuck. I mean worst case scenario, I'm out the cost of a imported draft beer.

Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard causing more than 41,000 deaths per year. It can cause or make worse a wide range of damaging health effects in children and adults, including lung cancer, respiratory infections and asthma. So it's probably not a good idea to be tending to a baby right outside of a cigarette shop. I'd like to scold this mother for doing just that. Show me where I'm headed to!

Hi Ernie. The King of the Jungle is protecting that hot chick in front of the Peterhof Palace in St Petersburg Russia. I have been there before and remember the columns and the yellow color. Napoleon banged Catherine the Great in that palace. Eric

While it's true what you say about Napoleon and Catherine the Great, I'm sorry to report this is not quite the location of our lion statue. True, there is one there -- Samson and the Lion, but it is not the droid we are looking for. Meanwhile move along folks, nothing to see here, just Mike Tyson dressed up as Clubber Lang.

FRIDAY FLICK: During the Battle of Saipan, on 7 July 1944, Captain Sakae Oba partakes in a final banzai charge against the United States Marines Corps on the island of Saipan. It is the largest banzai charge of the Pacific War, but fails, resulting in over 4,000 Japanese deaths after 15 hours of close combat. American forces declare the island secure on 9 July, while Oba and a handful of survivors retreat into the jungle and begin a guerrilla-style war using Mount Tapochau as a base due to its natural defensive position and prominent heights overlooking every possible approach. With only 46 soldiers and 200 civilians at his disposal Oba – nicknamed "the Fox" by the Americans due to his cunning strategy – holds out for 512 days before surrendering on 1 December 1945, having lasted three months after Japan's capitulation following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Oba marches down from the mountain with his remaining survivors singing a song of departure to fallen comrades and presents his sword to the American commander in a formal and dignified manner, surrender the last organized resistance of Japanese forces of the Second World War.

Hey Ernie, Found the Location of the King of the Jungle Lion. It's on Dvortsovaya Pier in St Petersburg Russia. You can see the lions on the stairway from the water. But more interesting is the young lady near the wall! I couldn't get closer to lion since its not really on the street. Shane

Is there a Breaking Bad themed coffee shop opening up in the United States, complete with hazmat suit donned baristas and a kitchen made to look like a Gustavo Fring-financed meth lab? You're God damn right.

Saving money is something that everyone strives to accomplish on a daily basis. Searching multiple store advertisements to see where to get the best price for the same product is often an essential part of the shopping experience. Grocery shopping with bulk food, however, is a different experience. Not only will it save you money, but it will save you time as well. One advantage of buying bulk food is that products are broken down into different size packages, allowing you to purchase only the quantity you need. Besides offering shoppers lower prices, bulk products reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and take less energy and other resources to produce.

And speaking of waste, two electric toothbrushes for one person? Maybe she got a buy-one-get-one free deal? If I were to start scanning the ads, what model am I looking for?

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