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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 25, 2016
February 25, 2016

I Keep Forgetting To Change The Fucking Title.

Candie's was founded in 1981 with the now famous sexy, high-heeled wood bottom slide, called the “Candie”. y the mid 1980's, sales of Candie's slides soared to 14 million pairs. One out of every four women in America owned a pair of Candie's. When you say the name Candie's, an image will pop into your mind. It may be your first pair of Candie's or your favorite Candie's ad. Candie's is pop culture and always has the “It” girl for its national ad spokesperson. With a purely inventive approach to color, shape and finish, Candies Eyewear is young and spirited with range of hues beyond the norm. Shapes are fun and feminine with details that draw attention to the eyes. The Candie's brand is worn by numerous celebrities and has been featured in TV and movies.

Omid Scheybani's iPhone photos of North Korea may be surprising if you only think of NK as a militarized Communist grey blob. They show kids on roller skates, playing ping pong, and more, but they also indicate just how closed off and stuck in a different era North Korean society is.

For more than 35 years, California-based Crystal Geyser Water Company has been committed to creating premium quality, wholesome and delicious natural beverages. Founded in 1977 in the scenic Napa Valley, they are an industry innovator that pioneered flavored sparkling water. Their popularity continues to grow as we provide health-conscious consumers with flavorful, natural alternatives to sugared or artificially sweetened soft drinks. Crystal Geyser has planned to bottle water from an aquifer in Mount Shasta, California, but many local residents have criticized the plan.

QUICK, NO TIME TO EXPLAIN! I need to use an ATM do I can buy some beads. Where am I headed?

Looks to me like your gal is staying at the Treasure Island hotel, next door to the Mirage on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Love this stuff! Martov

Ernie, I'm still not good at Google Earth but she's definitely stayng at Treasure Island! Here's the view line up from TI, the top of the Garage, then the Mirage and their Rainforest Dome and lastly Ceasars Coloseum in the view. Tom.

This is one messed up music video. I sort of reminds me of that African music video where they were humping everything. I miss that video. So, without further ado. Joe

I do believe this is the video to which you refer. And I'm not entirely convinced this next photo challenge is even solvable, so at first I was going to look up some in on the manufacturer of this bicycle and do a blase post on that, but you know what? You folks have been pulling off some fucking miracles lately so let's see if anyone can find the tree where this bike is chained up.

Generally I'm pretty 'meh' about hockey, but I can appreciate what a fantastic fucking save this was.

How do you know the most recent ammo rush is dead and gone? Easy, ammunition is available by the pallet again. Also, can I borrow $21,420.83? Thank you in advance. Still no word on when Walmart is going to put .22 ammo back up to check its online availablity tho.

An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of flexible tubes containing pressurised gas. For smaller boats, the floor and hull is often flexible, while for boats longer than 10 feet, the floor typically consists of three to five rigid plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes, but not joined rigidly together. Often the transom is rigid, providing a location and structure for mounting an outboard motor. These boats are often used by special-operations units of the armed forces of several nations, for such purposes as landing on beaches. Because inflatable craft can be stored compactly they can also be transported on midget submarines such as those operated by the Advanced SEAL Delivery System.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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