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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 29, 2016
February 29, 2016

Insert Your Favorite Leap Year Joke Here.

If you plan on hosting a Leap Year party, these folks might be able to help, althought I might need your help in tracking them down.

Roger's Gardens is a local home and garden destination for those seeking creative inspiration and unique products for outdoor and indoor living. Fine home décor, artisan collectibles, seasonal items, plein air art, and the highest quality plants from vendors around the world are brought together in a coordinated presentation that compliments and enhances their value and inspires the shopper. Walk through their outdoor gardens as well as the indoor garden rooms and gallery and experience what all eleven of their departments have to offer.

Lester Green was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Christopher Palid and Laura Green. Christopher, whose brother earned $20,000 a year working as a circus freak, tried to get Lester hired by the Ringling Brothers circus in 1975, but Laura opted to provide a proper education for her son. He also has microcephaly, which gives him his characteristic small head relative to his already small body. Lester's nickname "Beetlejuice" was given to him by children in Marion Garden projects in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he lived with his sister Lisa. The children used to pick on him because of a scene in the film Beetlejuice featuring a character's shrunken head. And much to my surprise, not only is he still alive, but he wants to fight Mike Tyson. After which, he probably won't be alive anymore.

These space saving folding laundry basket features a unique folding action that allows it to be folded flat or packed away in to its own little handy peg pocket making it easy to store in a drawer or down the side of the washing machine. The strong, lightweight mesh construction is available in both pink and blue, and make it ideal to carry your laundry in.

Hey Ern, Pretty tough one. Miss flashy pants and her bike are at the entrance to Tierpark Bridge in Munich, Germany. Ironic, because the sign reads "schlichtweg" which translates to "simple" or "simply put".. Cheers! John

Also, when the “show me where this car with a babyseat is parked” challenge was issued I was interested because that's a red BMW e30 and I have a red BMW e30 myself. I didn't have time then to look for it but after Chris and Scott found the location I wanted to see if there was any year where the car was visible. It took a ton of fucking around but it was parked just down the street in June of 2008.Anyways keep up the great work, Cory

Ernie, Thanks for posting that short video about the (now long-gone) axe makers. There is a Latvian outfit, John Neeman Tools, that is keeping the old ways alive and well. They make axes, knives, woodworking tools and leather accessories by hand. Their video on axe forging shows them splitting the leading edge of the axe to insert the hardened steel piece for the edge instead of folding it over the outside of the axe head. Not that I could ever afford any of their products, it is good to see the process live on. On a side note: You haven't mentioned your furry, four-legged fiends of the fiefdom in a while. After getting used to some story or other news about their antics on a somewhat regular basis...are you feeding them valium now? The Gregory

Ahh, it seems like yesterday.... May 14th of 2002 for Ike and almost seven years to the day. But yes, Ike and Bianca are still alive and kicking, albeit at a much slower pace than they used to. A few months shy of 16 years old, mostly deaf, and mostly blind with cataracts -- fucking $3500 for cataract surgery -- Ike does more sleeping now than anything else. He can't chase balls anymore since he really can't see them, but still enjoys a mean game of tug-o-war. His taste buds have refined in their old age; he no longer eats plain lettuce and prefers white wine over red, rum over vodka, and won't touch whiskey at all anymore. He gets around the house pretty good, presuming we don't change the layout of anything, so I haven't gone so far as to buy/built him any sort of bump-proof suit. By best estimates, Bianca will be turning 13 years old, so she isn't too far behind him, although she does have more pep in her step and will occasionally jump into the pool to play and chase her ball. They both want for nothing and hopefully, will both stick around for a while longer.

Like all Kershaw knives, this new Blackwashed Cryo II is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening for smooth and easy one-handed opening via the built-in flipper. The blade heat treated steel manufactured to Kershaw's exacting standards and the handle is stainless steel with a sturdy frame lock to securely lock the blade open during use. A Hinderer lockbar stabilizer ensures the lock doesn't over-extend, and for maximum carry flexibility and discretion, the BlackWash Cryo II includes a four-position deep-carry pocketclip. It can be had for $30.09 or two for $50.18 shipped after $10 off at checkout!

In regards to what street is one way, that's Orleans Street, although that particular sign hasn't been outside of Johnny White's since June of 2011. Jeffery

Hey Ernie, those Belgian Draft Horses were making the rounds in Dresden, Germany. Street view is not the best, from 2008 and a lot of construction occurring, but you can match up the buildings at the far end of the street. Here is a video clip of Sandra's one-woman Vagina Parade here, the Belgium Draft horses < a href= target=_blank>come by at the 13:15 mark. eep 'em coming, Tim

You are heading to Southland Gift Shop on Bourbon just west of Toulouse in New Orleans. Interesting story about the owner bringing up his family in his adopted homeland and trying to preserve 30 years of souvenir shop ownership in the face of neighborhood groups who don't like t-shirt shops. Cheers! Lt-Dan

So that brings up up to date on all of the photo challenges I've iussued so far, except for the fact that no one has been able to find this shoe store. So why don't you use these pools to help find what hotel this blonde is staying at?

In case you needed a reminder that they just do things a little differently over there in Russia, check out the story of the 16-year-old Russian kid who was rewarded for being the 100,000th visitor to a online video game store, with a month of living with Russian porn star Macy Ssens. Of course, the “prize” of living with a porn star for a month doesn't necessarily denote any kind of sexual attention, but Macy Ssens appears to be leaving everything on the table, making the vague statement that “life is life.”

These Bic Silky Touch Twin Select Shaver have a slim head and a longer, tapered handle for more control. These disposable shavers are easy to use and have top quality stainless steel twin blades for a close and comfortable shave. Bic Silky Touch Twin Select Shavers feature a ribbed handle in your favorite pastel color, for greater control and maneuverability, even in the shower.

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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