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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 16, 2016
March 16, 2016

The TT's Air Conditioner Shit The Bed. Compressor, Clutch, Dryer... $2,800 Estimate. So Long, Little Car.

The untouched nature of Rajecka valley springs in northern Slovakia, yield a unique natural water marketed as Rajec. Its refreshing taste and optimum mineralization while maintaining a balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium will appeal to even the most demanding palette. Rajec bottled spring water gives you a sense of balance and harmony, every day throughout the year.

Fantastic Planetis a 1973 cutout stop motion science fiction allegorical film directed by Rene Laloux, production designed by Roland Topor, written by both of them and animated at Jiri Trnka Studio. The film was an international production between France and Czechoslovakia and was distributed in the United States by Roger Corman. The story, which shows humans living on a strange planet dominated by giant humanoid aliens who consider them animals, is based on the 1957 novel Oms En Serie by French writer Stefan Wul. A working title for the film while it was in development was On the Planet Ygam, which is where most of the story takes place, but the actual title The Fantastic Planet is the name of Ygam's moon. The film won the special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

Kawhi Leonard signed a huge $94 million dollar contract last summer, that essentially anointed him Tim Duncan‘s heir to the San Antonio Spurs dynasty. This week, thanks to a new profile by Lee Jenkins in Sports Illustrated, we learned that Leonard still drives this 1997 Chevy Tahoe despite earning $16.4 million this season

A circle dance is a style of dance done in a circle or semicircle to musical accompaniment, such as rhythm instruments and singing. Circle dancing is probably the oldest known dance formation and was part of community life from when people first started to dance. Unlike line dancing, circle dancers are in physical contact with each other; the connection is made by hand-to-hand, finger-to-finger or hands-on-shoulders. It is a type of dance where anyone can join in without the need of partners. Generally, the participants follow a leader around the dance floor while holding the hand of the dancers beside them.

You may think of Fodor's Travel as dependably bland, but its “New York City 2009” is the can't-go-wrong choice for just about any first-timer to the Big Apple. First, it's beautiful — great layout, nice maps, easy-to-read font on thick paper. And design matters with guidebooks: they have to be legible in low light, on crowded buses and in airports when you're jetlagged and your contacts are killing you. The best way to break up this mammoth city is by neighborhood, and Fodor's New York City 2009 devotes about 200 pages to that very task.

Indiana Jones And The Replacement Hip. .indiana Jones And These Kids Today Who Have No Respect, With The Gangs And The Rap Music And The Snapchats. Indiana Jones And The Cradle Of Money. Indiana Jones And The Ghost Of Han Solo. Indiana Jones And The Golden Corral, Dinner At 4:30. Indiana Jones And The 120 Minute Apology For The Crystal Skull. Indiana Jones And The GET OFF MY LAWN. All these and more are suggestions for the newly announced fifth Indiana Jones movie. Also, there won't be any showings past 8pm.

The kokoshnik is a traditional Russian head-dress worn by women and girls to accompany the sarafan, primarily worn in the northern regions of Russia in the 16th to 19th centuries. While in the past kokoshnik styles varied greatly, currently a kokoshnik is generally associated with a tall, nimbus or crest shaped headdress which is tied at the back of the head with long thick ribbons in a large bow. The crest can be embroidered with pearls and goldwork or simple applique, usually using plant and flower motifs. The forehead area is frequently decorated with pearl netting. Historically a kokoshnik is a headdress worn by married women, though maidens wore a headdress very similar to a kokoshnik, named a povyazka, which are open in the back.

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The Airbus A330 is a medium to long range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus, a division of Airbus Group. Versions of the A330 have a range of 3,020 to 7,250 nautical miles, and can accommodate up to 335 passengers in a two-class layout or carry 70 tons of cargo. The A330-300, the first variant, took its maiden flight in November 1992 and entered passenger service with Air Inter in January 1994. Since its launch, the A330 has allowed Airbus to expand market share in wide-body airliners, competing against other twinjets such as the Boeing 767 and 777, along with the 787, which entered service in late 2011. The Airbus A330 had been involved in 13 major aviation accidents, including six confirmed hull-loss accidents and two hijackings, for a total of 339 fatalities.

Hmmm, how many of these movie posters can you identify?

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