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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 4, 2016
April 4, 2016

Only Eleven More Days To Pay The Tax Man.

I'll sheepishly admit that sometimes the photo challenges are a little weak. Each morning I scour about 200 different Tumblr blogs looking for photos that will be challenge worthy... sometimes I strike gold, and sometimes I strike out. This morning was a gold morning. An intermediate level challenge, I'd like you to identify what beer -- at least I presume it's beer -- she is drinking from a can.

There is a great debate surrounding smoking and if it is one of the causes of cystic acne on cheeks, jaw line etc. Nearly 20% of Americans, both men and women, smoke. It is essential to determine whether smoking indeed causes cystic acne so that sufferers of this skin condition can take steps to quit the habit. Nearly 20% of adults in the United States are also plagued by acne, but this group does not necessarily consist of smokers. Majority of the dermatologists are also getting acne patients in their office frequently asking whether they need to quit smoking in order to clear their acne. Some research has shown that smoking may in fact be associated with cell dryness, and it can contribute to inflammation, acne, and, ultimately, scarring.

"Well people can't make a living playing video games, Ernie." Oh yeah Mom? A series of competitions that will be open to the public, call the Mortal Kombat X Pro League, will have a prize pool of $500,000. HEY MOM! CAN WE GET SOME MEATLOAF?

Funny, that doesn't look anything like his wife in the photo.

Ernie. Little Nuts, Big Flavor is the catch phrase for the Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market New York City (or so Google told me). The gals are enjoying them in the 14th Street Park just across the street from the Market. Streetview pics were taken in warmer months, so the leaves make it a little more challenging to spot the walkway between buildings. Lt-Dan

Hi Ernie! First of all, GREAT PICTURE … but that isn't a pizza box… It's a box from "The Doughnuttery which is a gourmet mini doughnut shop located in Chelsea Markets which is in that brown building on the right side of the photo with those two women … The park is 14th St. Park located on 10th Avenue between W 114th St & West 15th St in Manhattan (NYC) …Here's the link to the view on Google Maps! Keep up the awesome work! Scott

Finite resources, kids. Right before the weekend, Surplus Ammo just got in spam cans of 54R for $160, or $309 for a case of two cans. This is getting harder and harder to find and pretty sure only the commercial stuff is going to be available (at $0.46/round). And the Mosin-Nagant rifles themselves aren't too far behind.

And your second photo challenge for the day -- and here's the really good one because I could not find it as part of any larger gallery and thus will require considerable snooping on the part of the person who solves it -- I want you to find this marina.

Ernie! Want to know what the future is like for automobiles? Look no further than these 10 concept cars. Do you think it's possible to give this article a social media share or even mention on your site? Let me know! Nat

Well so much for Hamburg, Germany. Turns out the beautiful Anja is in Barcelona, Spain! at the Barcelona marina walkway, Moll de Bosch i alsina. Thats St. Michael on top of Our Lady of Mercy Church in the background, behind Capitania General, I can't get a street view of her exact location but here are pictures. Rick

While college kids are screaming about safe spaces and being hurt by chalk drawings, this 5-year-old hockey fan takes puck to the head, goes to the emergency room to get staples in his scalp, and then returns to the fucking game. Suck that, Emory bitches!

Mega Man Zero 4 is a video game developed by Inti Creates and Natsume and published by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance handheld. The game deals with Dr. Weil's reign over Neo Arcadia in which humans, who have been reduced to second-rate citizens, begin to escape in large numbers to the last known livable location on the planet, Area Zero, beginning a conflict between the two groups. The effects of this war eventually drive Zero and the Resistance to protect Area Zero and its inhabitants from Dr. Weil. Mega Man Zero 4 has an average of 77% on Metacritic and Game Rankings making it roughly the 85th best ranking Game Boy Advance title.

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