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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 15, 2016
April 15, 2016

Wow, Even More Fresh Fish Jumping In On The Antiseptic Mouth Rinse.

Sea stars are among the most recognizable and iconic invertebrates of the marine realm. They can be vibrantly colored and fulfill a wide variety of ecological roles. Hence, it is not surprising that beginning marine aquarists so often wish to add these creatures to their collections. However, many of these starfish require a fairly advanced level of care and a well-established aquarium system. In this regard, the common red starfish (Fromia Milleporella) is no exception. This species can be found in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific, from the Andaman islands as far west as Sri Lanka and as far east as the Fiji Islands.

Your alarm keypad is an integral part of your security system. You use it to arm, disarm, monitor and communicate with your alarm. You can easily verify that all of your zones are clear and operational, and ensure that your backup battery is functioning properly. Your keypad is essentially the only hands-on element of your home security system, surveillance gear notwithstanding, and it inevitably receives the most use so the proper placement is very important. Install your keypad at about shoulder height, and if you have only keypad you want to keep it closed to the most used door.

Old and busted: dome houses, then water tower houses, and of course warehouse houses. The new hotness: indoor treehouses and hey why not some pyramid houses.

Our mothers and grandmothers understood the importance of investing in good quality stainless steel cookware. Long before non-stick finishes came on the market, old timers were cooking successfully in plain stainless steel pans that didn't have today's heavy 3-ply base to distribute the heat... and you can do the same thing too. I recommend stainless steel cookware because it is more durable and versatile than any type of aluminum pots and pans. Stainless steel cookware is virtually indestructible, it will last a lifetime, and many brands offer lifetime warranties.

The water fountain you seek is in Moravian Square in old town Brno, Czech Republic. Rick

A urinal is a sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only, predominantly used by males. It can take the form of a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic or manual flushing, or without flush water as is the case for waterless urinals. In busy washrooms, urinals are installed for efficiency: compared with urination in a general-purpose toilet, usage is faster because within the room there are no additional doors, no locks, and no seat to turn up; also a urinal takes less space, is simpler, and consumes less water per flush than a flush toilet. The different types of urinals, be it for single users or as trough designs for multiple users, are intended to be utilized from a standing position, rather than squatting or sitting.

Hi there Master Ernie, Long time, stick figures, asskiss, yadayadayada. I believe the young lady is using Dollar General Antiseptic Mouth Rinse, but I couldn't find the exact flavor she is using. Just be glad she's using some! Thanks for doing all that you do!! ~Gravdigr

I'd recognize that black and yellow logo anywhere. That is Dollar General brand. So she's both hot and thrifty. Cameron

Ernie, The mouthwash you're looking for (on 4/14) is a store brand for Dollar General. The logo has changed slightly but is still recognizable as a DG Body or DG Health brand. ... The old DG logo as shown in your picture can be found with a simple Google Image search for "DG health or DG Body" products. Have a great day, BJ

Ernie, That money conscious and sharing young lady is using the Dollar General brand blue mint mouth rinse. I sure wouldn't mind her hanging out in my bathroom taking selfies! Jason

Heading into the weekend, this advertising should provide a pretty big clue as to where to find this covered bus stop. And don't bitch, people have done more with less.

FRIDAY FLICK: "That's the question on the minds of all your viewers? Whether I run out of gas or not? Tell you what, Jer. You let your viewers know that I hope Miss Voss' fear and my desperation are entertainment enough for them. After all, that is what this is all about, isn't it? The story. As it breaks. Live. Coming to you from the bad guy himself. I mean we wouldn't want your viewers to change the fucking channel, now, would we?" Sidebar: Was Kristy Swanson not at the peak of her hotness in that movie, or what?

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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