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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 19, 2016
April 19, 2016

Happy National Stock Up On Doritos Day.

Coconuts can cause death, typically as a result of the fruit falling from trees and striking people on the head. Following a 1984 study on "Injuries Due to Falling Coconuts," exaggerated claims spread concerning the numbers of deaths by coconut. A few people a year have become a widely circulated urban legend. The legend gained momentum after a noted expert on shark attacks claimed in 2002 that falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year. The claim has often been compared with the number of shark-caused deaths per year, which is approximately five.

Bubble wands come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and may not be wand-like at all. A variety of common household materials can be used to create bubbles from tiny to whale-size. Making your own wands can be edifying and a great project for kids, parents or parents and kids together. Most people find that their homemade wands work better than manufactured wands -- and they are considerably less expensive. You can make a tri-string wand wand suitable for creating 20 to 30 foot long bubbles tubes for only a few dollars -- less if you have the materials on hand.

It was back in January when St. Louis found out they were losing their team and Los Angeles realized they were getting the Rams back. Fast forward to April and the cheerleader tryouts are under way as southern California ladies strip down to their bikinis with hopes of making the new L.A. squad.

Here is one of those solve-this-one-and-you'll-genuinely-impress-me photo challenges: find these big opening bay windows.

Hey Ernie, that alarm keypad you featured is a indoor pool controller. That model looks like the same one I have, a Jandy AquaLink All Button. It's great for turning on the pool without going outside and has a scheduling function to turn on the features automatically. Mark

Screw those other pyramid houses, here is the house you really need. Joel

Hi Ernie. I ran across this site while watching the fall of Western civilization one click at a time. I think your fraternity of Whoop-Assers might like it. This site has more roast beef (NSFW!) than the entire Arby's chain. Regards, Eric R.

I don't know if calling these "Adventure Kits" is the best marketing ploy, but when you're out working/hiking/camping and happen to gash your leg open, these $5 Wound Medic and Survival Kits will come in downright handy.

And I suppose if you can't find the windows, perhaps you'll be willing to settle for second place by finding this outdoor cafe.

Scottish football legend Denis Law has kicked off the process of removing 'No ball games' signs in his home city. The Aberdeen-born former Manchester United star helped take down the first of hundreds of the signs from public areas. He said: "You need to get young people out playing - the streets were where we learned our trade." Aberdeen's plans to become the first city in Scotland to remove all such signs were revealed in August. A report said the "No Ball Games" signs were not legally enforceable and were a deterrent to outdoor play.

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So Where The Fuck Did EHOWA Go?...

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