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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 22, 2016
April 22, 2016

Thank God It's Friday.

Back in the early 1900's, before the advent of air conditioning, the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Society flocked en masse from town house to seaside cottage or mountain cabin to escape the heat. City clothes were left behind in exchange for lighter, whiter, summer outfits. Come fall and the return to the city, summer clothes were put away and more formal city clothes donned once more. It was an age when there was a dress code for practically every occasion, and the signal to mark the change between summer resort clothes and clothing worn for the rest of the year was encapsulated in the dictum No white after Labor Day. And it stuck. Of course you can wear white after Labor Day, and it makes perfect sense to do so in climates where September's temperatures are hardly fall-like.

Alize is a line of alcoholic beverages produced in several varieties which can be consumed "neat" or can be used in mixed drinks. As of 2008, the line consists of three cognac-based liqueurs, two vodka-based liqueurs, and two grades of cognac. The first beverage in the line, Alize Gold Passion, was created in 1984 by Spice Jackson and Fame Fortune as a blend of French cognac, passion fruit juice, and other exotic fruit juices. Alize Gold Passion, Red Passion and Wild Passion are 16% alcohol (32 proof). Vodka-containing varieties Alize Bleu and Alize Rose are 18% alcohol (36 proof). Alize VS and VSOP cognacs are 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Old and busted: Now we're cooking with grease. Or gas. The new hotness: Now we're cooking with beer.

Ernie, Although this photo was taken in Barcelona, I'm not sure this is bus stop number eight. The bus pictured is a private rental Avant Grp/Canals luxury Coach, not a public bus. The sign on the light pole reading "B4RCELON3S"ť is an advertisement for Multiactiva, according to Linkedin an information technology and Services Company. Looking closely at the adjacent sign with what appears to be an "8" you'll notice a checkered flag in the background. This leads me to believe it's an advertisement for one of the many world class auto (Spanish Gran Prix), motorcycle or bicycle races hosted by Barcelona. Sorry I came up empty on the location, but what I'd like to know… What is that orange crap on a stick the guy with the ID tag is selling? Later, BJ

I'll take the easy challenge first, Dominika in front of Svanduv Labyrint cafe/bar on Stefanikova 55,150 00,Prague 5, Czech Republic. Rick

Attention Tom Clancy fans, I need help identifying his book (or game?) located on the lowest shelf. The only Clancy novel I know that includes the word rainbow, is Rainbox Six. And since "six" in Swedish is "sex," I don't think that's it. Next I considered the games that have been released, based upon the Rainbox Six World. [siege -> belagring] No. [rogue spear -> rogue spjut] No. [lockdown -> lasning] Maybe? Does anyone have any ideas?

In the summer of 2002, Heineken introduced its 24 oz. mini keg can in the US. Besides having twice the volume of a normal aluminum beverage can, the mini keg's unusual design includes a number of ridges and rings that make it much more rigid. Sometime around 2004 ultralight backpacking enthusiasts began experimenting with using the new can design as a cooking pot. The community has evolved the design of these cooking pots to a remarkable extent, and although there seem to be as many variations as there are builders, a few common features seem to be emerging.

Ernie, The little red head with her fun bags on display seems to be at Haulover Beach, Miami-Dade County, FLA. First I searched for "County Ordinance 01-35" which returned a bunch of Miami-Dade County hits. Armed with this info, I searched for "Miami-Dade County nude beaches" which resulted in several Haulover Beach hits. Off then to Google Earth zooming in on Haulover Beach and after a few minutes looking for that thatched roof shed, and voila! Cheers, Andrew

Ernie, the busty young lady with braces is violating Miami Dade county ordinance on Haulover Park Clothing Optional Beach. You can see the straw roofed hut behind her here. Keep up the excellent work! Josh

AmmoLand Shooting and Heizer Defense are giving away a $450.00 Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol -- that's right, a single shot pistol chambered in .223/5.56 NATO -- to one lucky email subscriber.

And finally, in light of the real-time video simulation of the Titanic sinking, I thought this would be appropriate for today's FRIDAY FLICK: "What a lovely thing she was... Standing as high in the water as one of your skyscrapers, longer than two rugby fields, and furnishings to match the finest mansions in England. She was one of a kind, no question about it, and God himself, they said, couldn't sink her. Then in two hours she was gone... and fifteen hundred souls with her." Keep in mind Raise The Titanic was filmed five years before the wreck was actually discovered, and before we knew she had broken into two pieces.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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