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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 12, 2016
May 12, 2016

The Occasional Lung Monkey Notwithstanding, Once Again All Is Right With The World.

QV is one of the few brands to use glycerol in many of its products. Glycerol is a naturally occurring humectant, which helps the skin retain moisture, protecting the skin against irritation. Glycerol isn't greasy and won't block pores, and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Sodium lauryl sulphate is found in some soaps and can irritate the skin, so the QV range is SLS free and also free from fragrance, color, lanolin and propylene glycol to help cleanse and moisturise without irritation. QV Gentle Wash innovative formulation maintains skin hydration during cleansing to ensure the skin is left clean and soft, not dry and tight.

It was a winter morning in 1978, that the body of a young barmaid was discovered in the snow banks of a Scottish cemetery. The only suspects in her brutal murder were the four young men who found her: Alex Gilbey and his three best friends. With no evidence but her blood on their hands, no one was ever charged. Twenty five years later, the Cold Case file on Rosie Duff has been reopened. For Alex and his friends, the investigation has also opened old wounds, haunting memories-and new fears. For a stranger has emerged from the shadows with his own ideas about justice. And revenge. -- Bestselling, award-winning author Val McDermid delivers her most stunning story yet in The Distant Echo -- an intricate, thought-provoking tale of murder and revenge.

Looking for a good hallway closet gun? You and about 25.6 million other people. Regardless, you're not going to find any better than a Mossberg Maverick 88 for $199 with free shipping.

Hi Ernie. I have seen all kinds of theories on who Negan bashed in the season cliffhanger for TWD. This guy has the most compelling argument of who it was, given the last episode. Dont watch if you want to be surprised. Regards, Eric

Hi Ernie, this Dressmann one was too easy, the streetname and numbers are right on the side. Kristinelundsgatan 12 in Goteborg, Sweden. It's currently under renovation on Google maps, though. Mark

We've seen no shortage of spectacular crashes in Formula One in recent years, and each is a testament to the level of safety engineered into the cars. Two yeaars ago, you saw Kimi Raikkonen hit a wall at 150 mph during the British Grand Prix, you appreciate how remarkably strong, and safe, a modern Formula 1 car is. The Ferrari driver experienced a 47G impact when he went nose-first into wall yet limped away with no major injuries. And just recently, the FIA is investigating Fernando Alonso's horrific crash at the Australian Grand Prix after discovering that Alonso's carbon fiber seat broke after he sustained 46Gs.

Anyone who spends time in sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks, canoes, or rafts will eventually need to keep something dry while they paddle. A portable dry box will keep them and your most important paper items safe and dry, protected from any stray waves. Most drybox are waterproof up to 80 feet and carry a lifetime guarantee. A clear cover allows you to quickly identify the contents without opening and side latches provide a secure closure that is easy to open dry or wet.

The blue can one was easy, it's Sofiero beer from here in Sweden! Ove

You're looking at an mk2 Seat Cordoba, probably an '07. Wikipedia shows an â'09 with an updated wheel cover and side marker light, but the body lines are the same. Lt-Dan

Everyone has the same 90%.. the same features, the same pricing, the same. Do you want to know the difference between a good and great is? It's the last 10%. That last 10% is the real difference. It is the part that separates you from your competitors. It's the blood, sweat, and tears of detail. It's the extra effort to make things just right. And sure, the last 10% might take 50% of your time, but time is not what we're measuring; we're measuring the difference between good and great. Need this explained in more tangingle terms? If you're good, you can show me where she got an ice cream. But if you're great, you can show me where she got an apple.

Old and busted: driving to F-2 tornado. The new hotness: driving through an F-2 tornado with a 360 degree camera stapped to the roof of your car. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt were unavailable for comment.

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