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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 19, 2016
May 19, 2016

If Only Our Politicians Were As Honest As Jon Basso.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is without a doubt, the most honest man in America. As for me? I had a Double Bypass burger, which I technicaly finished but since I didn't eat all of my fries, I ended up getting my ass paddled and yes, I won. And yes, you feel just as fucking gluttonous as you might imagine.

As one method of reducing the adverse effects of air bags, especially for children, NHTSA is requiring new, attention getting labels. These new labels would not be required on vehicles having a "smart" passenger-side air bag, i.e., an air bag that would automatically shut off or adjust its deployment so as not to adversely affect children. This rule also requires rear-facing child seats to bear a new, enhanced warning label to replace the existing label. This rule requires vehicles with air bags to bear three new warning labels. Two of the labels replace existing labels on the sun visor. The third is a temporary label on the dash. The labels will help reduce the adverse effects by increasing the number of people who read and understand the message of the warning labels.

Old and busted: the infamous Rougned Odor punch being turned into a t-shirt. The new hotness: Rangers fans send Jose Bautista get well cards. Insult, meet injury.

Gooderham and Worts was a Canadian company that was once the largest distiller of alcoholic beverages in Canada. Its former manufacturing facilities on the Toronto Waterfront are today the well-known Distillery District. So it wouldn't be much of a challenge to ask you to find these two lamp posts, they're located right under this overhead facilities span at the Gooderhamand and Warts distillery. As for yesterday's challenge, I had a lot of people identify the tattoo or identify the poster, but only one who nailed both with supporting links...

Ernie, The Chinese character (Fu) is one of the most common and popular tattoos. It means happiness/prosperity. The poster on the wall is of the German pop band PUR. The font used in their name, as in the poster on the wall is their trademark. Have a good evening, BJ

Hey Ernie, How about upping the Ante on the walk of Fame challenge and have people tell you whose name is on the star? I have looked and cross referenced the address to the star name locations and can't seem to get a match. You in? Cheers, Randy

Easy, peasy, Japaneasy. The star belongs to none other than English-American actress, Madeleine Carroll. What throws you is the address given in the challenge (6705 Hollywood Blvd) when her star is officially listed as 6707 Hollywood Blvd.

Okay, a little shooting novelty item here: a compact inexpensive pistol rail red laser sight for $11 shipped. Now I say novelty item because let's be honest, it's made in China and ships to your door for the cost of a bucket of beer. Would I trust this thing if I were a hostage negotiator? I would not. If you're looking for something to keep its zero with larger defensive caliber handguns, you'll probably want to consider this Crimson Trace for $115. But for a few disposable knock arounds to plink with? How can youy beat $11?

Next, I was going to have you find where to buy this nice lady a drink, but that turns out to be just a few feet down from where this photo was taken, in front of the Four Points Sheraton in New Orleans. So I'm going to flip the script, cross the Atlantic, and have you show me where to buy some pool floaties for my next pool party.

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