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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 8, 2016
June 8, 2016

Meanwhile, ISIS Set 19 Girls On Fire After They Refused To Become Sex Slaves.

But we're more worried about who is rude to who, and who pisses where.

At Secrets St James Montego Bay and Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, it is only fitting that we would name our signature cocktail after the one and only Bob Marley. First, start by combining combine 1 oz of rum, 3 oz of chopped mango, 1.5 oz of sweet and sour mix and one cup of ice in a blender. Mix ingredients together to create the yellow portion of the drink. Pour only half of the mixture into the glass, and hand stir with half oz of blue curacao to create the bottom green portion of the drink. Gently pour in the remainder of the yellow miuxture the blender, to create the middle layer. Finally, create the red layer of the Bob Marley by combining 1 oz light rum, 4 oz strawberry daiquiri mix and 1 cup of ice in a blender. Mix ingredients and gently pour into the glass to form the top, red layer.

The panda is a well-known symbol of Chinese culture, especially as it pertains to the rest of the world. The panda bear is important to the concepts of feng shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing humans with their environments. According to this philosophy, a panda bear represents masculine energies, and placing a figure of a bear in the home -- particularly the main entrance -- helps to protect the house and its inhabitants. Also, placing a panda bear's image in the part of the home where children might reside helps parents to give birth to strong, healthy baby boys.

Old and busted: NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rapping Snoop's "Ain't Nothin But a G Thang," Sugar Hill Gang's classic "Rapper's Delight," and Warren G's "Regulate". The new hotness: batshit crazy socialist Bernie Sanders rapping Kanye West's Power.

Store oil, vinegar, and more with elegance using a biara bottle made of beautiful glass, this elegant bottle features a re-usable gasket cap assembly snaps firmly into position by means of a wire cam. This classically styled bottle will look great in any bathroom or kitchen, and is perfect for creating a unique gift. Even better, it is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Ernie, thought your readers might like this one, 10 Crazy Technologies The Military is Working on Right Now. Nathan

Here are two things untouched from yesterday, these benches and this bench. Also, here are two things I love in this world: venison and sloppy joes. So believe me when I tell you, these venison sloppy joes are going to make this fat kid happy.

Manufactured by Husqvarna, the fully featured 25cc Gas 2-Cycle Blower/Vacuum is powered by a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. The 210 MPH air speed and 460 CFM air volume is perfect for residential lawn care. Additionally, the BVM210VS features a mulching ratio of 16 to 1, a vibration reductions handle, and variable speed cruise control to minimize fatigue. Variable speed cruise control allows you to let go of the trigger when using blower for long durations, and a vibration reducing handle minimizes fatigue and wear on your arms and hands during use.

Your "japan erection" video reminded me of a joke. When Japanese men have erections what do they do? They go vote. Thanks for the work you put in for LBEH and just your everyday gig. I appreciate it. Nathan

Social media was in a frenzy early yesterday morning when the NFL's official Twitter account posted that Commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away. It was quickly deleted and determined that the account was hacked, but not before the hacker posted a few times. As you might have imagined, the internet reacted to Goodell 's death in spectacular fashion.

The Marquette MAC VU electrocardiograph is a multi-function electrocardiograph that has the ability to record and store standard 12-lead adult, pediatric and vector electrocardiographs. This quality unit is a battery-powered electrocardiograph that can record, display, print, store and transmit up to 15 channels of ECG data. This data is analyzed using Marquette Electronics 12SL ECG analysis program and can be printed in a variety of report formats. The MAC VU electrocardiograph's built in screen+ displays ECG information and allows the user to select different functions. is the coolest webcam site on the web. definitely NSFW.

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