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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 10, 2016
June 10, 2016

I Wonder If Chinese Tourists Realize They're Buying Shit Made In Their Own Country?

Here's something i don't get to type too often: batter takes his own foul ball to his own balls. With time delay pain goodness.

The Tally-Ho Hotel and Casino was originally opened in Las vegas back in 1963, but was renamed King's Crown after six months, when it was denied a gaming license. In 1966, it was purchased by Milton Prell, and the hotel received a $3 million renovation, including a new 500-seat "Baghdad Theater" showroom. Prell turned the English-themed hotel into an Arabian Nights theme, renaming it The Aladdin in 1996, with flower petals pouring from the ceiling and onto guests as they entered the hall. The opening entertainment included comedian Jackie Mason, the "Jet Set Revue", a musical review that showcased The Three Cheers and the Petite Rockette Dancers in the Baghdad Theatre. The Aladdin closed on November 25, 1997, and On April 27, 1998, the entire resort was imploded at 7:27pm to make way for the construction of an entirely new casino. So that raises the question, just what the fuck was going on September 17, 2005, and where?

My favorite budget gun is back in stock... the Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro for $184.99 plus $12.99 S/H to your FFL

As with other open-all-night eateries -- including White Castle, Krystal, Denny's, and Krispy Kreme -- Waffle House has developed into a cultural icon. Part of their fame (especially that of Waffle House) is that they are so prominent along Interstate highways in the South. Jim Ridley wrote in 1997: The Waffle House is everywhere in the South. It has inspired country songs, comedy routines, loving editorials, a scene in the movie Tin Cup, and even web sites and Internet newsgroups that breathlessly post late-breaking developments. With more than 1700 locations in 25 states, as far north as Ohio and as far west as Arizona, Waffle House is cherished by thousands of diners. Regular customers often speak of its employees, its customs, and its food with near reverence. Touring musicians have been known to eat five meals a week there. Yet the Waffle House is so pervasive, it is invisible. It does not advertise; it hides in plain sight.

So I'm looking to pick The Boss Lady up a small bottle of perfume. Where am I headed to?

Ernie, Told you before I don't know how to make Street View work but she's definitely on the top deck of the parking garage at the SLS. I liked the gritty old Sahara, as they say, "You have to get a little Dirt under your fingernails, it keeps you Honest!" As far as I've read, SLS has yet to make a profit since they've opened. Well sure, how many Boutique/High Roller places can you build? You hafta keep what's left of the middle class, your bread and butter coming in the places. I go low roller all the way, that's why I play Downtown & Off-Strip so much. Tom

Hi Ernie. The chick in front of the health club is at Las Vegas Athletic Club located at 9615 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147. Usually when I get there it is full of fat housewives, nothing like this. The cougar in the medium mission is at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. She is probably in a parking lot or one of the roads around the hotel since Google fucked me on the street view. I was there yesterday and there was nothing but young couples with 3-4 kids and the father looking at his phone and wondering what happened to him that he has to sit there with his again pregnant wife when he used to play semi pro baseball. Regards Eric R.

Old and busted: Bring me forth, into that castle. The new hotness: bring me forth, into that Hard Rock Cafe. No seriously, show me where it is.

The Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus is a brewery located 3,300 ft above sea level in Rothaus, located at the north edge of the village of Grafenhausen in the southern Black Forest. It is one of Germany's most successful and profitable regional breweries, and in the past decade has become well known outside Baden as well. The brewery remains 100% owned by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The most successful product, a Pilsner-style beer, Rothaus Tannenzapfle, or simply "Zapfle", comes filled in 12oz bottles and is available in stores in Baden-Wurttemberg, well known as a cult beer throughout Germany in supermarkets and kiosks, as well as in various nightlife establishments.

Old and busted: trial bike freestyle. The new hotness: pogo stick freestyle. Wait, what?

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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