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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 15, 2016
June 15, 2016

Weeks Like This Make Me Understand Why Florida Has Its Own FARK Tag.

Glass pipes combine form with function to create pieces that are both useful and beautiful. They are available in countless styles and colors, from extremely simple to wildly imaginative, and allow users a wide range of smoking experiences. Simple hand pipes are little more than glass tubes. At the other end of the spectrum, bubblers with double or even triple chambers approach engineering marvels with helical smoke chambers and ice reservoirs for cooling the smoke. Far more complex than windowpane glass, glass pipes are constructed with artistic skill and precise chemical formulas that result in colors and designs once thought impossible from glass.

Imagine you're watching a 30-foot ocean swell pound itself against a basalt headland while you sip scotch from your plush recliner, safely behind double-pane glass. Outside, it's raining horizontally. Winds are topping 60 mph, howling off the ocean and bringing the spray of salt along for the ride. And you are warm and dry and just a little bit tipsy from the scotch. Ah, life is good. If you save your trips to the Pacific Northwest coast for the sunny days of summer and saltwater taffy, your sun-kissed self is missing out. Right now, in mid-winter, the Oregon and Washington coastlines are at their most spectacular -- if you have head-to-toe raingear and a good sense of adventure.

Get a load of this fucking pussy. And yes, it seems he's Katie Couric II. But if there is any silver lining, perhaps you may not have to buy an AR-15 after all, as you can enter to win this win this FN Herstal FN-15 Carbine instead. Here's a nice review on it. Also, here is an up to date list of every 10-pack of Magpul PMAGs currently available. Buying 10x at a time is more economic, bplus crosses the threshold for most free shipping offers. But why the hell are the AK mags more expensive than the Ar mags -- $124.99 after coupon for free shipping, versus $99 for the AR ones.

Germinal is the thirteenth novel in Emile Zola's twenty-volume series Les Rougon-Macquart. Often considered Zola's masterpiece and one of the most significant novels in the French tradition, the novel – an uncompromisingly harsh and realistic story of a coalminers' strike in northern France in the 1860s – has been translated and published in over one hundred countries and has additionally inspired five film adaptations and two television productions.

Now give me a rough estimate of when this photo was taken, and why.

Good Morning Ernie. I am still trying to figure what the fuck that farm equipment is, but as I googled antique farm equipment and went to images, I found this. Ha-ha, have a good day! Eric

Ernie, This lady is sitting on an antique sickle bar mower. Ron

Tales from the Crypt is an American horror anthology television series that ran from June 1989, to July 1996, on the premium cable channel HBO for seven seasons with a total of 93 episodes. I actually remember when some of these were on, my particular favorite being What's Cookin' which starred (among others) Christopher Reeve and Judd Nelson. Hey, this was the fucking 90s, who did you expect? Anyway, while most of the original Tales From the Crypt show's stories came from the original comics, the new hotness will get its shocks from people on the internet. It will happen through Wattpad, an “online fiction site” that will allow users to submit their very own stories for use on the show. And yes, if your story gets turned into an episode of the show, you will get paid, although it's not been revealed how much.

Still no joy for what's written on this blackbaseball cap.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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