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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 16, 2016
June 16, 2016

Misinformation. How Many Fucking Times DO I have To Rail Against Misinformation?

So I was goofing around on Ebay this morning and stumbled across something that brought me back to my teenage years: railroad spikes. You see, back in the day me and the kids I grew up with would meet at my house on Marlow street and walk the railroad tracks to the bike trails by the barge canal about a mile and a half from my house. Along the way we'd get ourselves into all sorts of adventures/trouble. I jumped on Streetview and was able to pull up this. Now that big round tower -- not the DEA water tower on the left, but the concrete cylinder that's about three stories tall -- was at one point a coal fired boiler. At the base of it, just to the right was a big ass coal bunker, dug into the ground almost like a root cellar. it was about twenty feet square, four feet tall or so, and about half full of unused coal, weeds, dead animals, and who the fuck knows what else. At the time there were a functioning set of metal stairs that you could climb to get to the top of the tower. From there we would get a running start and run and jump over to the brick building on the left. It was about a fifteen foot gap, which we wouldn't have been able to make if the roof had not been about ten feet lower than the top of the boiler. At the base between the two structures were all sorts of things to fuck you up if you didn't make it: discarded scaffolding, a rusted out truck chassis, scrap metal, that sort of shit. Just to the right of that boiler, used to be a big fucking warehouse with triangular sky lights which weren't altogether unlike the ones from the Monroeville Mall in the original Dawn of the Dead. We used to stop at McDonalds along the way and buy burgers, and then climb up and 'picnic' on the warehouse roof.

Anyway, railroad spikes. It wasn't uncommon to find them along our hike down the tracks. Usually they were old and beaten up, probably unintentionally dropped by some tired railroad worker. But every once in awhile you found one that must have fallen off the unused pile and it was quite the keepsake. What I didn't know is that railroad spikes are actually coveted by come adults as well. This guy forges them into knives, and this guy machines them into bottle openers.

Marley and Me had a DVD release date of March 31, 2009, and since the shelf space it is taking up suggests it as a new release, that should be a decent guess. And OMG, Florida. And good luck with your shiny turd election in the fall. Thank God I am Canadian. Glen

I believe it is a hat from Buldozer, a Yugoslav band from the 70's. Pete

Oh before we go any further, what's the cheapest I can find this bathroom scale?

The cold hard truth is, terrorism is here on our shores. Nevertheless, unless you work for the New York Times, you already knew that. And let's get one thing out the way first; the odds of you getting caught up in a domestic terror attack are pretty goddamn low. But should the unthinkable occur, what stops this methodical and orderly killing? Disruption. So as the old saying goes, fortune favors the prepared, so what's the right carry gun to protect yourself in this new era? Well, the author recommended Sig P229 starts out around $700 and works its way up from there based upon your choice of finish, grips, sights, and other goodies.

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